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What Do Customers Have To Say About Tri Swim Coach?


…without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles.
scott-ironmanOne year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. I had NO CLUE how to swim. The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick. Boy was I wrong. I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call. I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water. I kept a journal. Excerpts: 1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”. 1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”. 1/28 – Bought a Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.”

That program was Tri Swim Essentials. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place. I had to put my trust in it.

Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it. Oh… and becoming an Ironman.

– Scott Stone, Lawrenceville, GA
Ironman Triathlete

…it all seemed to fall into place.
bill-pritchett“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much your web-based resources have helped me with my swimming. I’ve been a runner for years…I always struggled with the swim and tried all kinds of methods to improve: lessons, group sessions, and even a personal coach. Nothing seemed to help. I joined the Tri Swim Essentials program. I could never seem to get my kick in sync with my stroke, so I always ended up dragging my legs, kicking just once per stroke, or “scissor-kicking” in a way that created drag. The drills in the program really helped. Finally yesterday, it all seemed to fall into place. I was able to synch my kick with my stroke. All of a sudden, swimming felt effortless, and I could actually feel my kick helping to propel me through the water. I can’t wait to get back into the pool today to reinforce these skills. Your videos have definitely helped me progress with my swimming, and I’m sure my tri times next summer will prove it!”

– Bill Pritchett, Michigan

…something really clicked yesterday.
“I want to thank you for your coaching! I just wanted to let you know that something really clicked yesterday and I dropped my single arm stroke cycle from an average of 26 to 14 at the 25 yard pool. A nearly 40% improvement literally overnight! I just couldn’t believe the sensation of gliding, rolling, etc! Thank you for helping me enjoy swimming for the rest of my life!”

– Bill Yee, Cupertino, CA
Beginner Triathlete

…so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training.
manny-hernandez“Overall I attribute my swimming improvement to this program. I improved my time on a 200 meter swim by 45 seconds. I never would have accomplished this without your program. I signed up for my first open water triathlon last year before I had any experience with Tri Swim Pro. I was very concerned about the open water swim. However, given the improvements I have seen so far in my swimming, I am now looking forward to training for that event. I am so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training to an Olympic Triathlon distance swim.”

– Manny Hernandez

…was able to go into the swim with confidence.
vivienne-kennedy“I used the Essentials program for my first triathlon swim and it was excellent training. I was able to go into the swim with confidence that I would be able to swim the distance, although not in record time – but be confident that I could confidently participate. Now that I have seen the TriSwim Pro, I would say the same thing – the drills were excellent in developing great technique. The videos are great so that you can see exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing. I like with the TriSwim that you have access to others’ experiences, which sometimes are similar to that which I have experienced, and ultimately helps with overall learning and increased confidence. This program also allows me to train when it’s convenient for me & not to have to train according to someone else’s schedule – yay!”

– Vivienne Kennedy

“Since I started learning with you and TriSwimCoach 4 months ago, I have been able to drop my average 100m time from 2’30 to 1’45, and I now feel like I can swim as long and as far as necessary for triathlons. No distance frightens me anymore. One might even say I now “laugh at the water. Thanks for everything!”

Sebastien Monnet Clarkston, Michigan USA

I feel so much better mentally after the experience.

Last week was my first ever triathlon (Cornwall Sprint Triathlon). I haven’t really swam with any real technique or focus until 2 months ago. Before that I swam with my face out of the water and just swam to get around the pool/lake.

I thought after all of the practice that I had put in I was ready for the swim portion of the triathlon. I was wrong, lol. I ended up having to hang onto a kayak for a bit to catch my breath. Positives were that I was able to finish strong and got out of the water in 17 minutes (750 meters). The last 300 metres I was back to swimming like I had been practicing and was actually passing people again.

Fast forward to yesterday. I wanted to swim to an island across our lake that is over a km away from our dock. It was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve ever had. I was able to get in a rhythm and just felt right in a zone. I ended up doing the swim to the island and back in under an hour (2.5km’s). It was an awesome learning experience. When I finished I was at the dock with my sister and she couldn’t get over how I wasn’t out of breath.

I feel so much better mentally after the experience.

I feel as though I have the ability to swim really quickly over long distances.

Thank you for all of the help in getting me able to face the challenge of swimming and befriending the water.
Devon Murray Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

From what I’ve gathered over the years, I will say that this Tri Swim Coach program is about the best thing going for aspiring Triathletes and Open Water Competitors in today’s day and age.

jeff-teaching-smI recently had an athlete who came to me after trying everything. He just couldn’t seem to improve his times in a half and full IM. I told him his best bet was to learn how to SWIM PROPERLY , under some direct tutelage. 1 on 1. He gave me his training plan and it was

After perusing the program with Kevin Koskella at the helm, I was amazed at this entire package. The videos were excellent, demo subjects extremely well taught, generally impeccable. Kevin takes you from the technique phase, with masterful methods, into the Training phase, extremely in depth, and out into the Open Water , where it all goes down in a Triathlon.
Coach Jeff Stuart, Manchester , Ct

“With Tri Swim Coach, I have cut 10 minutes off my 2 mile swim time.”

Gary Shields, Janesville, Wisconsin

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