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Nearly Sinking in the Water to Becoming an Ironman Triathlete… Wait. What!

One year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. I had NO CLUE how to swim. The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick. Boy was I wrong. I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call. I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water.

I kept a journal. Excerpts:

1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”.

1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”.

1/28 – Bought a Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.

That program was Tri Swim Success. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place. I had to put my trust in it.

Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it. Oh… and becoming an Ironman.

Scott Stone, Lawrenceville, GA
Ironman Triathlete

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What Our Athletes Have to Say!

Rule #1: It Never Gets Easier, You Just Get Better!

We asked, you answered:

What would be a successful triathlon season for you?

A: Qualifying for world championships standard distance in Australia 2018

A: Since I am injured for a while now, I would be happy To start training again…without any issues

A: To complete 2 Olympic distance & my first half iron

A: Injury free so I can perform at peak

A: Completing all my events in the allotted time and improving times with each event

A: Successful completion of 2 open water triathlons

A: Started tri 2 years ago, last year 2 1/4 tri’s for this year improve from 2:24 to below 2:15 swim -2 and run -9

A: Finishing but improving little by little each race

A: Finishing at a good time.

A: Faster times on previous races and a respectable time on new races

A: Avoiding injury. Not crashing my bike. Completing all of my races.

A: Improving my general overall fitness and stamina.

A: To participate in at least 2 sprint distance triathlons, preferably open water

A: I’m not actually training for triathlon but love the swim information has really helped

A: Meeting or surpassing my goal times

A: 4 events with PBs

A: If if could finish my half ironman distance under 5 1/2 hours

A: No injuries

A: Better times

A: To do 2 to 3 triathlons, each with the swimming leg becoming easier. Less frantic breaststroke and more freestyle. Satisfied with my bike and run.

A: Under 7 hour 70.3

A: Successfully completing the races that I have paid for injury free.

A: Participate in the main competitions and get an average result better than the previous season

A: Podium finishes.

A: Completing my first.

A: Being able to improve swim, bike and run times for respective events and remaining uninjured whilst enjoying being out there competing with a smile on my face I guess.

A: Getting through the training without getting sick

A: Staying injury free

A: Just finishing any!

A: Achieving my goals at the events I participate in.

A: Completing a sprint triathlon

A: I want to improve Swim time at Olympic distance

A: To have a much stronger swim

A: Finishing all races, improving times, feeling ok at finish.

A: Going through a race without pain and be able to drop the competitive edge and just do my best am not worry about how fast I went or what place

A: Qualify for Ironman World Champions

A: 3 events, improvements.

A: One where I am able to cut down on timing in each sport and also if I am finishing stronger

A: Seeing improvement in times of all 3 disciplines, especially correlated to training effort put in; & Enjoyment of event

A: To Feel like I have achieved my full potential and improve on last season. Open water swimming only

A: A podium finish in each race

A: To toe the line healthy, rested, and positive at each of my races. Also to match or break my times from last season despite being a year older.

A: To complete 3 Olympic TRI’s and one half

A: Improving times

A: Getting through the open water swim comfortably & finishing in under 2 hours

A: Two Du’s, 2 Olympic, 3 Sprints and a relay.

A: Shorten my swim by 5 minutes

A: Finishing Half Ironman AC under the time cut.

A: Not a Triathlon but a 67 year Male swimmer but like to read about how to be a better swimmer

A: I have not raced for 5 years, so completion of the races I entered would be a personal success

A: Doing an half Ironman without a Charlie horse!!!

A: As a newbie, just making cutoff times and feeling more confident in my swimming would be success

A: Getting my knees working again. Looks like an Aquabike season.

A: Finishing my first race in years

A: Having fun and competing hard

A: I don’t do triathlons, I subscribe for the swimming info

A: Doing 400 meters in 7mins

A: Being able to get through the swim with confidence and effiecency, not being drained at the end of the swim. My goal is to compete at the 1/2 IM distance. I am 60 years old and have been an athlete all my life. I just can’t get the breathing down for the swim.

A: Finish 2 Ironman

A: I just want to enjoy it this year

A: Where I do not finish last.

A: Finishing in the top 3 of my age group in all (most) of my races, going sub 2:20 for most of my – International length triathlons and sub 5 hrs for the Half-ironman races

A: Completing my first Ironman

A: Placing in my age group in local races or qualifying for USAT Age Group Nationals.

A: Kona

A: Steady improvement in all disciplines

A: Completing 2-3 races, finishing upper end of age group

A: Complete one or two triathlons

A: Competing in a half Ironman or a couple of shorter tris. Working out with friends

A: Finishing top 3 in all my races

A: Sub 24min mile open water swim

A: Finish Ironman Santa Rosa without feeling like I’m about to die.

A: I love reading you pieces. I’m a swimmer with rheumatoid and get inspired by your writing to keep going

A: Win age group once or twice

A: Annual improvement in my times and experience

A: GB sprint qualification

A: Cut 20 mins on my 70.3 race time

A: I want to qualify for Hawaii Ironman and goal of top 6, age group

A: PR in all 3 aspects of triathlon sprint. Especially less stressful open swim

A: Making progress and reaching my goals

A: Completing a 70.3 in sub 5 hours

A: Hitting my time goals and having fun at my races!

A: To try and compete in my chosen races to the best of my ability on the day. A PB would be great but won’t be disappointed if not achieved.

A: Finishing both a sprint and an Olympic – my firsts!

A: Starting and finishing injury free

A: Qualify for Kona

A: Age group podium finishes

A: Successfully training and completing my goal race

A: Finishing my first 70.3

A: Gaining ground in all disciplines.

A: I would like to recover from rotator cuff surgery and compete in open water swim events.

A: Still very new to triathlons, so at this point, a successful season would be one where I gradually improve and work my way up from doing sprint distance tris.

A:To complete a triathlon

A: Better times

A: To better my times in my sprint and half distance races and to stay healthy enough through the year to complete my full distance race this fall.

A: This is my second season, so my goal is to do a couple, different tris in beautiful locations and then repeat one I did last year and be faster!

A: Able to run 10k again

A: To complete an Olympic triathlon

A: Improve swim, qualify for Kona

A: Podium for AG at sprint. Comfortably complete 70.3

A: Complete a 1/2 IM

A: Finishing without injury

A: Improving my swim times & enjoying the challenge of racing again

A: Being able to complete my first triathlon

A: PR’s in races I have done before

A: Completing an Ironman

A: 1:15 Ironman Swim (Texas) 24 minute Half Ironman Swim (Augusta)

A: Completing IM Kona in under 14 hours

A: Completing my first triathlon.

A: Did I have fun?

A: To be able to perform at my best given the training I have allowed.

A: Qualify for Kona

A: 2:45 for my Olympic distance A race

A: PB in Ironman distance race

A: Top 5 in A races, top 10 in non A races

A: Injury free and not get any slower as I age

A: After coming off a life threatening bike wreck if I can just her well enough to compete this season, I’ll call it a successful season


A: Achieving 10mins 400m swim

A: Swimming in open water without panicking!

A: 2017: qualified for Worlds at 2 distances, Enjoy 2018

A: Getting a little faster with each event, even if it is only by a few seconds.

A: Finish an Ironman in under 14 hours. So do the swim in 1:15 instead of 1:27

A: One where I was able to execute as planned. And finish strong.

A: Knocking a 1/2 hour of my best half Ironman.

A: A sub 3:00

A: Completing the races I enter with a reasonable comfort level and AG placing

A: To complete one open swim of 1000 meters

A: Move on to successfully do an Ironman 70.3 after my first Olympic last season and improve my swimming in general.

A: Age group top three

A: Doing a half in December and then Taupo New Zealand Ironman

A: Completing a Olympic triathlon in under 2.5 hours

A: Better timing with swim and better timing overall

A: 1. To be alive at the end 2. To have finished planned races 3. At least one PB

A: 0 injuries, bike speed over 17 mph, sub 16 min on 800

A: Finishing every tri I enter

A: To be able to complete my first sprint TRI, 400m swim

A: Complete the swim comfortably in a Sprint distance triathlon

A: Be able to finish my first 70.3 race smiling.

A: Enjoyable training, making progress, meeting like minded people. Results!

A: I need to complete a tri with an open-water swim. I have signed up for a half-iron distance in August.

A: Finishing reasonably close to expectations during races and not being sick or injured.

A: 3 sprints under 2 hours

A: To have great times in my swimming legs.

A: Start and finish Ironman

A: AG Podium at XTERRA Pan Am Championships

A: Good full Ironman injury free

A: Getting to the start line healthy and meeting my time goal for my 140.6 race.

A: Finishing my 1st 1/2 Ironman!

A: All World Athlete in Ironman 70.3

A: Enjoying my training and building confidence & experience during & after each race

A: Get through my first Ironman in August

A: A half ironman under 6 hours

A:Finishing my first Ironman

A: Enjoy the season as a a child, be injury free

A: Completion of each stage at time equal to or better than my planned time

A: To complete all the tri’s I sign up for to the best of my ability by consistently training in all 3 disciplines

A: Meeting my goals and improving from last year

A: Injury free and PR in the 70.3 and 140.6

A: Being injured at the moment, success for me would be bale to get back to training at the same level as I was a year ago.

A: Qualifying for any championship race

A: An improvement in efficiency and time

A: Sub 7 hour Ironman 70.3

A: Completing Ironman TX April 28 and HIM PR at Waco 70.3 in October

A: Being able to swim the entire distance of my races without stopping. Completing at least one 70.3 distance race.

A: To compete in 4 to 6 olympic distance w/ 3 podiums + 1 half iron.

A: Beat my PR’s

A: Sprint 1:30 HIM 6:30 IM 13:30 Ave swim 1:50/100

A: A PR @ Ironman Steelhead + finish Ironman Louisville

A: Have fun on 3 races

A: Qualify for worlds at trinats in cleveland

A: Finishing my Half Ironman by the required time.

A: Get over my fear of Open Water Swim so I can swim like I should be able to!

A: Injury free, building towards a PR at any distance

A: Not panic in my open water swim

A: Improving my swim times, coming out of the water less fatigued and improving my bike and run times

A: A season where race time progressively get faster. To get through the season injury free

A: To complete a longer distance Tri than I’ve done in the past and to finish feeling good about my race

A: Completing my first triathlon.

A: Kona qualifying

A: Completing my race schedule – better times than last year and better times as the season progresses

A: Doing the right amount of training to meet my race goals

A: Getting my IM under 13 hours

A: Placing in the top 3 of my 65-69 age group for every tri and du that I enter.

A: Swim 750meter freestyle

A: To be comfortable in the water and actually enjoy the swim

A: Be able to complete my triathlons before cut off times and injury/illness free. I have 5 HIM on the calendar and Lifetime Tri Championship in NY.

A: Learning to enjoy the swim as much as the bike and run.

A: Complete the three Olympic distance race I’m registered for in 2 hrs 30 mins or less.

A: Running 8 Triathlons and taking First Pkace in my division in each. Also to add an Ironman 140.6 just to finish in a decent time.

A: To finish my events feeling strong

A: Completing my first Ironman triathlon

A: Complete one.

A: Complete 3-4 Sprints and 1 Olympic distance triathlons

A: Train and complete 2 olympic triathlons without injury

A: Get in shape to do one or two sprint TRIs.

A: Finishing the run in a similar position to competitors as for the swim and bike. (Running is my weakest leg.)

A: To participate in a couple long-course distances (between Olympic and half IM) and perform solidly on my Olympic distance races.

A: Finish IMMD

A: Swim well and strong from the start of the swim in every event

A: Actually racing! (Been injured the last 2 seasons)

A: Completing my first attempt at a 70.3

A: Do many races, podium in several, have fun

A: Being competitive in my age group

A: To come out of the water in a GOOD position so I don’t have to play catch up. AND – to learn to compete but also be happy with my outcomes no matter what they are. I’m so hard on myself.

A: Lower times

A:To reach a training volume of 10h/week

A: Strong finishes, injury free PRs

A: Stay injury free. Swim goal is 2:00/100 for half iron. 145 watts on Bike. Run without cramps.

A: Just get back into it. Think, two olympics done comfortably.

A: To complete a 70.3

A: Stay healthy and know I tried my best in all races I competed.

A: Podium finish for age group

A: Better swimming and running.

A: Getting over knee injury and completing one olympic triathlon race

A: Winning all my races

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