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Nearly Sinking in the Water to Becoming an Ironman Triathlete… Wait. What!

One year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. I had NO CLUE how to swim. The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick. Boy was I wrong. I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call. I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water.

I kept a journal. Excerpts:

1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”.

1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”.

1/28 – Bought a Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.

That program was Tri Swim Success. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place. I had to put my trust in it.

Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it. Oh… and becoming an Ironman.

Scott Stone, Lawrenceville, GA
Ironman Triathlete

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