Your secret, magic training boost (workout included)

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I’ve been listening to a book called “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson.

It’s amazing how important sleep is, as well as how much society shuns it.

Some of the things I’ve learned so far have to do with the consequences of not getting enough sleep, like:

– Your brain not working well
– Your immune system getting compromised
– The higher likelihood of injuries due to not getting proper recovery
– Sleep deprivation leading to fat storage
– Lower seratonin production, making it more difficult to maintain a good mood

Lots more negatives for not sleeping enough.
And “not sleeping enough” can vary a bit from person to person, but for most humans, 7-9 hours per 24 hour cycle is adequate.

One of the things that hurts sleep is counter intuitive. It’s getting enough sunlight exposure during the day. Many people spend their days in an office and barely get outside.

The body needs this sunlight when it’s awake, even if it’s a cloudy day. Then at night sleep will come more naturally when it’s dark.

Try getting outside for 1 hour a day this week. Even if it’s cold, even if it’s cloudy, even if it’s not for a “workout”.

And if you’re looking for a swim workout to mix in this week, here’s one for ya to stir things up:

(distances in yards or meters)
Warm Up: 400 Easy
Drill: Stroke Counting. 6x75s. Take 1 stroke off per length with each 75. Rest :10 between each
Main: 1×700
2x100s Cruise + :05
2x100s Cruise
2x100s Cruise -:05
On the longer swims, maintain a moderate pace and pay attention to your stroke count and breathing. Take :30 rest.
On the 100s, just make your interval
Warm Down: 3x100s. Start out at 75%, and drop down the effort. Focus on your breath throughout. Are you stopping your stroke to take a breath, or are you rolling to the air?
Total: 3250 Yards or Meters

Befriend the water!