You signed up for your first Ironman…now what? – TSC Podcast #143

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In this episode of the Tri Swim Coach podcast, Kevin interviews Coach Todd Malcolm. Todd is a Calgary Ironman Specific coach who has been involved in the sport of triathlon both as an athlete and a coach.

Todd has been a 4-time member of the Canadian Triathlon Team, 3-time Olympic Distance Provincial Champion (25-29 x2 and 40-44 Age group), and qualified for the Elite Alberta team during his 20+ years of racing. He has also competed in over 100 triathlons with experience in sprint to Ironman distance races.

In the last four years, Todd has been an Ironman All-World athlete. He has been coaching juniors and adults of varying abilities for the last 19 years. In the interview, they talked about how he got started in triathlon, his first race experience, and his WHY.

This is one episode you’ll surely learn a lot of things from Coach Todd, so don’t miss it!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How he got started in triathlon
  • The biggest challenge he faced in his first race
  • His deep motivating factor when doing all his races
  • On coaching people
  • How he first started coaching children and why he transitioned to coaching adults
  • What happened after his first Ironman
  • How he trains people for their first Ironman
  • His thoughts about strength training
  • Mistakes he sees people make
  • His advice for the listeners


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