Workout Plans For Swimming – Issue #21

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For those that have purchased the Complete Guide, I have had a few questions regarding the starting point of the 12-week workout plans for swimming. The first workout consists of 2200 yards- which could be a bit much if you are a true beginner. This plan is taking into consideration that you have already been working on your technique and feel comfortable in the water. A good start is the 4 Swim Practices that you should have received when you signed up for the newsletter (or when I sent them to you).

If 2200 yards still sounds daunting, start with some one-on-one or group coaching to improve your technique first. Then increase your yardage totals little by little.

You can also use the guide to supply you with workouts to pick and choose from, rather than following the plan from start to finish.

Anyway, email me with questions and have a great July!


Workout of the Month:

A good mid-season workout for Olympic or Half Ironman distance races.

Fist= Swim Freestyle with your hands clenched in fists. This helps with body rotation.

SC= Count your Strokes for each swim

Descend= get faster throughout set

DPS= Distance Per Stroke- lengthen out your stroke

Free Golf= Count your strokes and check your time after each swim. Add the 2 numbers and that’s your golf score. Try to “beat” your score on each one by lowering that number.

Cruise= an interval you can make 100’s free on comfortably with about 10-15 seconds rest. Example: 5×100’s on 1:45.

WARM UP: 2x(200 Free/100 Non-free) DRILL: 10×50’s Odds: 25 Fist/25 SC Evens: Descend
Rest= :20

MAIN: 4×300’s
#1) 6×50’s@cruise +:05 #2) 3×100’s @ cruise #3) 300 DPS Rest= :40 #4) 300 90% effort
6×50’s Free Golf, Rest = :20


TOTAL: 2800