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Being a Work-in-Progress is a Good Thing!

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During my workout this morning I spent over two hours working on my catch position, catch depth, cadence, and rotation. I did my best not to get too frustrated and yell at my coach (who is also my husband, so I do my best to play nice). But at one point I had a realization that really had me struggling.

“I’ve been swimming for over 20 years and I’m STILL working on proper technique”?! Yeesh, that was a rough thought to have, especially at 4:45am when all I wanted to do was still be in bed.

Instead of letting it bring me down and affect my workout, I realized how great it was. Not only do I keep getting better. But I’ve accepted that being a work in progress is something that should never change.

I’m constantly a work in progress, whether it be in my swimming, my running (especially my running, yikes), my health, my character. I could go on and on.

And this is a good thing.

How much fun would you have in life if you woke up one day and decided you’re exactly the best version of yourself you’re ever going to be? This is you forever now.

I’m hoping you’re thinking that would be terrible, boring. That that would be just like giving up, because if not you should probably just stop reading now.

My point is don’t let the fact that you’re having trouble with that one, pesky detail of your stroke that seems to be just out of reach get you down. Let it drive you.

Being able to focus on the journey is just as rewarding as when you’ve finally made the change. AND be grateful for the fact that you’re strong enough to be working to better yourself every day.

Why? Because not everyone is a swimmer. Not everyone is a triathlete. Because not everyone has your dedication. They don’t have the desire to be constantly working to better themselves, to fight through the frustrations and the setbacks, to put in the mental strength it takes to do these things.

But you do.

You made the choice to work to better yourself. To take on a challenge just because you wanted to. To open this email and cross your fingers that I don’t make yet another food joke.

The next time you have a thought like the one I had this morning think about how great it is that you even had the opportunity to have that thought at all.

Lissa Henderson, Tri Swim Coach