Winter triathlon training

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holiday dietWinter Triathlon Training

With American Thanksgiving on Thursday and the build up to Christmas immediately after the last of the turkey has been eaten, the holiday season is upon us. This time of year is packed with office parties, traveling to see family and friends, shopping, and enough sugary treats and temptations to give an elephant diabetes.

Since we are all athletes, this time of year also means that we are burdened with much more stress than the average person because on top of all the normal holiday responsibilities and obligations, we also have to fit in workouts and worry about fitting into our speedo come January 2nd. It is enough to make a person have a mental breakdown on the pool deck. What are we to do? How is it possible to have the “perfect” holiday where we can have our workouts and yet eat our [insert favorite flavor] pie too?

The key to having the perfect holiday season is… to realize that there is no perfect holiday season.

Unless you want to completely isolate yourself from family and friends, sherk off all responsibilities, deprive yourself completely of pleasure from now until 01/2/2015, then chances are you may have to cut workouts short or skip them altogether, you may have a few diet slip up, and you may gain a few pounds. However, that is alright.

If you do mess up on your diet, then shrug it off, enjoy your indulgence, and realize that tomorrow is another day full of new opportunities to get back on track. If you have to cut your workout short then at least you got something in so make each lap count. If you cannot get to the pool or go for your ride or run because a freak snow has blocked you in or Aunt Edna wants you to play backgammon, then enjoy the snow and enjoy your family’s presence, but do not let it stress you out.

Overall: do what you can in the time that you have, and let everything else just be. Relax and be thankful, and be present this holiday season…because that is what the holidays are all about.