Will eating waffles help your swim?

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I’ve talked a lot about a swimming problem a lot of people have, especially triathletes- sinking while they swim.

This is a major problem because it creates lots of drag, and just flat makes it annoying to swim!

So do some people just float and others sink?

No…. although extra body fat does make you stay closer to the surface!

So what can be done about sinking?

Well short of going on a diet of waffles and french fries, there are some things that can help you start to swim the way you must in order to get faster.

1. Stop using pull buoys. Triathletes love buoys because it actually makes them swim faster, since none of their energy is going into staying at the surface. But this is a crutch that will hurt your training and actually make it more difficult to stay at the water’s surface as you train.

2. Kick and wear fins. If you start kicking on your side, with fins on, you will be building up “balance” in the water- and this means less sinking when you swim. It’s not overnight but start doing this with every practice and you’ll see a nice change in body position, more streamlined and energy-efficient freestyle.

3. Stop holding your breath. Holding your breath for too long as you swim will keep your chest filled with air, and your body lifted up in front. This will cause your legs to sink, as things are a bit lopsided. Instead, breathe when you need air, and practice exhaling while you swim, instead of *holding* air in for long periods of time.

Just keep swimming, and use waffles sparingly. 😉