Why Sugar Is Killing Your Triathlon Gains

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This morning over breakfast, I was listening to a podcast from Dr. Peter Attia, interviewing Robert Lustig, and the discussion was about? Our favorite addictive substance.


Before I go off on a tangent and discuss how *BAD* sugar is for your health, I’ll just say I’m guilty of eating sugar sometimes and even had one of those fruity tiki drinks this weekend that probably had as much sugar as a regular Coke!

That’s rare for me but I feel the need to do full disclosure.

So anyway, the addiction to sugar is a real thing, not just something fun to say.

It causes so many health problems, and yet, it’s completely socially acceptable to pour sugar down your throat.

If you are concerned about your health (and most here are!), consider what you are eating- and how much sugar is in so many foods that you may not expect.

On the podcast I listened to, they mentioned football players drinking Gatorade to “replace their glucose stores”, after a workout. But the point was made, “Why are we in a rush to replace glucose so quickly, when the body will do it anyway, over time with eating?”

The myth tells us that we can only get brain glucose from carbohydrates. Must have carbs! So people way overdo it and… pour sugar down their throats.

Sugar leads to inflammation, lowered immune system response, weight gain… the list goes on and on, but again it’s socially acceptable.

And not only that, in many training groups, it’s encouraged to “treat yourself” with sugar and/or alcohol after a workout!

For the rest of December, I encourage you to keep track of your sugar intake. Not to get all prohibitive about it, but just notice how many grams of carbs you are taking in per day.

What would happen if you did without them?

Likely, you would spend a couple of weeks feeling withdrawals, feeling a little more tired than usual.

Then, you would have more energy than ever, as dietary fat replaces sugar in your diet.

Take it from Tri Swim Coach member Vince Sesto, and his Sugar Free Ironman post:


Enjoy, and befriend that water!