Why finishing dead LAST is OK

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I recently got a message from a Tri Swim Coach subscriber who said:

My last Tri which was this past Sunday… the swim was only 600 meters. Swimming is my down fall! I was the last out of the water of 140 participants.

But one thing…I never stopped! I swam all the way using whatever stroke I could and didn’t burn out. I knew I had more coming, biking and run and I paced myself.

I did pass half of the 140 on the bike and the 3/4 on the run! Because they are my string points. I did really well and survived the swim! I view and use your points every time!” -Kimberly

Now as a coach I’ve heard this (or some version of it) so many times:

“I’m the slowest swimmer out there! I’m sure I will come in last!”

This is one of the biggest worries people have- finishing last.

I wanted to point this out, because Kimberly story shows that not only is finishing last in the swim not that big a deal, it does not mean you’re going to have a bad race!

In fact, Kimberly’s race by all accounts was a smashing success. She comes out last out of the water, and finishes in the top 25% anyway.

This takes grit, (or Sisu, as podcast guest and friend of TSC Emilia Lahti would say!)

So this is finishing last. Now that you know you have the permission to finish last (which is statistically not likely to happen) and still have a successful race, can you feel a little boost of confidence going into your next race?

The pressure to finish ahead of others is all in your mind. Take this pressure away, and the world, and your race, are yours!

Befriend that water!