When to take a day off

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If you’re like many triathletes who join us, you likely have a harder time taking rest than getting in all your workouts.

If you are feeling burnout, extra tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, or feel like you are just going through the motions in your workouts, it may be time to take a day off.

Understand that the day off will likely contribute much more than grinding out another workout that you aren’t feeling.

You’ve likely heard people say they come up with their best ideas in the shower. There’s a reason for this, our brains work better when not being constantly bombarded with information (or staring at screens).

Your body will work in a similar way.

If you train with weights and wake up sore the next day, would you just go back to the gym and work the same muscles? Of course not.

With endurance training, there are often things at play beyond “feeling sore”.

I’m not talking about your scheduled day off.

I’m talking a random day off. You may have even had 2 workouts planned that day. But something is throwing you off, and by skipping the whole thing that day, you will likely come back stronger next time you train.

I’m also not talking about doing a less intense version of your planned workout.

I’m talking about doing something completely different.

It could be reading a book, or it could be going on a hike (without the intention of “burning fat” on that hike- the intention is rest OR active rest 🙂 )

Or my favorite, taking a nap. 🙂

The point is to take random days off here and there and not look back, not “feel guilty” or think you have to work twice as hard the next day to “make up for it”.

Listening to your body and mind will pay off a lot more than doubling down on efforts.

Next time you are feeling like you need to drag through your workout, what can you do instead? The possibilities are endless, and you know you’ll be right back at it in a short time.

Happy training.. and resting!


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