What to do when you “don’t have time”

Posted Kevin Koskella Articles

Triathlon is a great metaphor for life in many ways.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

You make a suggestion to someone that you think will help them, and they respond “I don’t have time for that!”

Well if you take just the actual time in the day these people have, they DO have time because if you add up their TV watching, mindless Facebook feed scrolling, and other time wasters that they probably could all squeeze an extra 2-3 hours a day for productive or fulfilling activities.

But there’s another factor at play. It’s the idea of time. No one has time for anything!

Have you ever been interested in someone romantically but they are too “busy” to spend time with you?

Ever stop to think that “busy” is their way of telling you they’re not interested, or that you are just not a priority for them?

Or at work conferences, everyone seems to want to out-busy each other.

“I’m crazy busy!”

People are addicted to being busy and not having enough time.

But what it really comes down to is priorities. What are you prioritizing?

If better health isn’t #1, then why isn’t it?

Do you want to die young and rich?

Or get to the end of your life and realize all your busy-ness got in the way of the meaningful parts of life?

Don’t have time? You can make time. Whether it’s triathlon training, or health in general.

Yes there are definitely circumstances that make things more difficult.

We have subscribers that work several jobs and still make time for training. Others work night shifts, some are CEOs, others are doctors with 3 young children…but they get done what they need to get done because they value prioritizing.

I’m not suggesting everyone should enter an Ironman. But if you did, this would give you a whole new appreciation of “having no time”.

And then there are triathletes cutting corners and sacrificing sleep to squeeze in more training.

Again, where are your priorities?

Is it health and well being your after?

If so, cutting back on sleep will not get you there, and will eventually lead to burnout, sickness, and injuries.

“Having no time” comes down to one thing, and that’s priorities.

What are yours?