What are you about?

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I was having coffee with a friend yesterday, and the subject of “purpose” came up. As in, what is your purpose?

To me, “purpose” can be kind of a loaded word. But there are other ways of saying this.

What are you most interested in?
Why do you do what you do?
Who are you?

It was a very interesting chat, and relates well to the big (or small) things all of us are trying to accomplish.

Beyond the basic needs, what drives you to set out goals and accomplish them?

One thing is clear. If you are vague in what you want to accomplish, frustration will build and mount.

Going to the pool will eventually become a chore.

All kinds of things will get in the way of your next run or bike.

But when you can answer this “why” question- whether it’s your purpose, drive, who you are, or however you’d like to phrase it, you will start to get into a flow.

And the “pain in the ass” stuff, like getting good at swimming drills, will be an exciting and fascinating part of the journey!

Or, as we like to say at Tri Swim Coach: Befriend the Water

In order to do this, you need to be clear on your “why” or your purpose for wanting to take it to the next level or just finish a race with less struggle.

You will not befriend the water if you focus on just the physical aspect of “getting freestyle”. You will give up much faster and your motivation will go POOF and disappear.

As the author T. Harv Eker once said “How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything”

If you are struggling with freestyle and losing motivation, losing faith in yourself to succeed, take this concept of “Befriending the Water” to heart- and write down all the reasons success in this realm is important to you.

Then read through these reasons and tie themes together.

This will help set you up for a fun, successful season, both in triathlon and other parts of life.