Ways to Maximize Your Swim Training – With Rob Sleamaker of Vasa – TSC Podcast #123

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In this episode, Kevin interviews Rob Sleamaker of Vasa. He is an exercise physiologist, co-author of Serious Training for Endurance Athletes, and the author of Serious Training for Serious Athlete. He is also the CEO of Vasa, a company that provides premium quality functional sports and fitness exercise equipment.Swim Training

Today, they’ll be tackling many topics including ways to maximize swim training when you can’t get to the water. They also talked about interesting topics like mindfulness and how to set yourself up for the best possible outcomes.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How he got involved in swimming and the things he’s doing now
  • On being a Vasa Trainer
  • On using Vasa versus swimming
  • What is E+R=O
  • Self awareness
  • Kevin’s past coaches
  • Wonderful things Rob witnessed from the introduction of the Vasa Trainer and the Vasa Ergometer

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