Vote for Change

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Change is good

Hey TSC team,
Today is election day and regardless of your political leanings or beliefs I hope you voted. In this election, like in the 2008 election, words like “hope” and “change” were common in every add and speech. “A vote for me means a vote for change” candidates seemed to say. For once, every politician actual was telling the truth because change is inevitable–a constant that every athlete should be aware of and embrace.

In every workout, every lap in the pool, every stroke, something has changed. It could be that your hand crossed over the center line or that your fingers are slightly spread apart. Regardless, you have made some slight change in your stroke which then has some effect on your overall time, energy, effort, and workout. Some changes we do without even noticing it or making a conscious effort; they just occur. As we tire, for example, our form breaks down changing our stroke technique and position in the water. Other changes, however, are conscious and purposeful. We deliberately try to keep our hips up or increase our kicking speed. Part of the time, these changes are good. A slight change can shave off 5 seconds per lap while other changes lead to slower times or needless exertions. The latter example is not necessarily “bad;” rather, the problem arises when you try to resist either change.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Einstein once said, and the same quote can be applied to swimming and training. If you continually use the same technique, do the same workouts, and swim at the same intensity but expect to get faster, then it will never happen. You will just get slower and more frustrated–a change you want to avoid.

Instead of resisting change, embrace it. I challenge you today and every day to vote for change. In each workout (or even each lap), cast your vote and change one thing. Maybe you are going to focus on changing your breathing and breath bilaterally instead of just to one side. You could also vote to not cross over for this one 500yrd set. As long as you consciously change something for the better, then you are making yourself a better swimmer. It may not appear immediately on the clock,. It may not even change your times at all, but it will have some effect such as on energy, efficiency, or mood.

Moreover, try to be aware of changes. As a workout progresses scan your body to see how it feels in the water. Are your hips sagging as you finish 200? Does your form begin to breakdown after each 100? By being conscious of every little change, you can then work to correct it and prevent it from happening again. It is not bad that it happens. What is bad, though, is not being aware of it when it happens and not working to change it.

In this election, it is alright and even encouraged to vote early and often!

Train Hard

Coach Chris and Coach Kev


Words of Wisdom:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results-Albert Einstein


Workout of the Week:

Not so Crazy 8’s

800 warmup-easy, strong and smooth

2×400: first set focus on Distance Per Stroke, second is choice of stroke (back, breast, or fly for crazy people)

4×200: Evens are drill of choice, Odds are moderate pace

8×100: race pace with 30s rest

Optional set:

16×50 all out sprint! :O]

100 super easy cool down