Unleashing your inner Superman (or Wonder woman)

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Unleash your inner powerOn Thursday, I did not want to run. I was exhausted from a long day at work, I had already done a hard spin that morning, and all I wanted to do was to have dinner maybe a glass of wine and read in bed. But it was an important workout and one that I needed to do to help me towards my goal of running faster. I was about to throw in the towel before I had even started when I remember a cool trick that my coach told me about that she uses herself: turn into a superhero.

I am not donning a cape and a mask, but I am instead channeling my alter, super hero, ego, “FEXY.” FEXY can do anything, so I create a narration in my mind. I picture myself costume and all lacing up my shoes or diving into the pool and running or swimming with perfect form.

While I might not do a workout, lift that extra weight, be able to swim under 1:10/100 m, FEXY certainly can. Moreover, FEXY is not scared of anything: workouts, pain, races. It is not that these do not exist to FEXY but rather they do not affect FEXY. He just rolls with them, accepts them, but does not direct valuable energy to them–which makes him like a superhero.

If you are struggling to do a workout, try this out and unlock that inner power.