Triathlon Wetsuit: Is Nineteen #1?

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I received my swimming wetsuit a few weeks back, and have used it now a few times in the local pacific ocean.

It’s the Full Pipeline by Nineteen wetsuits.

I have to say, so far I am VERY impressed! Here is why:

1. It is the easiest wetsuit to put on. I ordered it and just took a guess on my size based on their chart. Well it fits perfectly, and unlike suits I have used in the past, it slips on and off with great ease! I can’t even believe I put up with the sticky suits that took forever to take off, even all greased up, in the past.

2. It is very flexible. I’m actually not a huge fan of having to wear a wetsuit in the water. But, other than July-September, it’s usually too cold here for me to get in the water without one. And this is I think as good as it gets in terms of flexibility. I don’t feel restrained nearly as much as I have in the past with other suits.

3. It keeps me warm. Right now, the temperature out there is 63. I can last about 20 minutes without a suit before I start turning blue! But with the Nineteen wetsuit, I’m actually perfectly comfortable being out there as long as I want!

There are a lot of good wetsuits on the market, and I have tried a few. But this so far is the best suit I have tried. To find out more, check out the deals on Nineteen wetsuits at Swim Outlet.