Triathlon Training Motivation – Issue #77

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Triathlon Training Motivation Newsletter

Dear Friend,

This December has been especially busy for me, with the combination of several projects I have taken on and the usual Christmas shopping and preparation.

I am often at my computer between 8-5, maybe squeezing in a coaching session here and there when I can.

As I look out my window around 5:00 in the evening and see it is already dark, this can be demotivating menatally. In my head I’ve already got the excuses going as to why I can’t workout: “The day is already over.” or “It’s COLD out there!” or just “I don’t need to workout today, I’ll do it tomorrow!”

Since I’ve entered this half marathon in January, I’ve found that training with a group is FAR more motivating and easier than just going on solo runs. And, it gets me out the door even on my most whiny days!

Of course not every run can be with a group, but minimum once a week I think it is important to find others to exercise with. Time goes by faster, you get to meet cool and interesting people, and if it’s dark outside you are much safer in a group.

There are running groups in every city, and tri clubs in most areas, go find one!


“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.”
-Pat Riley

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Tip of the Month: Head Down

In freestyle, instead of looking straight forward to try to see where you are going, put your head down and look straight down at the bottom of the pool. This way, you won’t sink as much, and your legs won’t have to do as much work to keep you moving!