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Are You Ready to Blow Away Your Swim Struggles, Improve Your Swim Technique, And Get Faster & More Efficient In The Water?

Guess which part of triathlon the majority of triathletes struggle with, and why? Yep, you got it… You could be struggling with the same problem for the same reason. I’ll tell you about it shortly, but first, I want you to imagine this scene…

You’re getting ready to race in a triathlon this morning. As you arrive at the event, there’s a cool mist hanging in the air.

The sun is still rising and there’s just a few puffy white clouds in the sky. While driving to the event, you heard the weather report: perfect skies, sunny, and 72 degrees… You couldn’t ask for better weather to do a triathlon.

You look around at your competitors and then gaze out over the water as you slip into your wetsuit. On the drive here, you’re relaxed and confident. This is the day you’ve been training for… the day you set a new personal record.

But then, as you approach the water, you get that old feeling again. A feeling of nervousness and butterflies.

You start thinking about the distance you have to swim. You begin wondering what the water conditions will be like today. Will the water be smooth… or rough? Perfectly warm… or shockingly cold?

You look around at everyone else getting ready for the swim. It looks like today’s race will be packed with contestants.

You remember your last race and start thinking all of the splashing that happens as everyone hits the water at once. There will be so many arms and legs flailing around you… you can’t help but wonder if you’ll get accidentally bumped into by another swimmer at the start of the event.

You remember how tired the swim made you last time. While training for this event, you kept telling yourself that this time, things would be different.

You trained hard — probably the hardest you ever have.

You never gave a second thought to the bike or run… just the swim.

You suddenly realize that it’s always been the swim that separates great triathletes from the rest of the pack…

Chances are, your story may sound like this one.

Befriend the Swim…

I know what it’s like to be starting out in the Triathlon. Even though swimming is the shortest part of the race, many view it as a “necessary evil”, and swimming is the most difficult part of a triathlon… especially for beginners.

Many triathletes leave the water feeling exhausted and discouraged. They end up hoping to catch a “second wind” as they jump on their bike or begin their run.

But why do so many triathletes struggle with the swim?

The truth is… it’s not because they’re horrible swimmers. Many of them have no trouble swimming endless laps in their local pool.

It’s not because they’re out of shape… almost every triathlete shows up on race day in great physical condition.

The reason why most triathletes fizzle out in the swim is because they are doing it wrong!

Most swimmers waste energy trying to churn through the water… instead of moving the body forward. It’s like they’re trying to row a boat using their bare hands… instead of using top-of-the-line rowing oars.

Open swimming requires more attention to using proper technique, rather than high yardage, anaerobic workouts.

Most newer triathletes overtax their bodies with the way they train. Not because they want to (who would want to deliberately overtrain?). It’s because they haven’t been taught how to train correctly.

And when they learn incorrect form… it only sets them up for failure… injury… or both.

Let’s face it: It’s no fun to compete in something you know you exceed at. It’s even more demoralizing to start from behind, then struggle to find the energy to finish the other two parts of the race… don’t you think?

The stone-cold truth is… If you want to compete (and compete well) in Triathlons, you have to make the swim your friend… and not your foe.

So, how do you make the swim your friend… even your best friend?

I’ll tell you but, first let me share with you a quick story

Hi, my name is Kevin Koskella. I started swimming competitively at age 8 and continued through college at University of California-Davis. It was there where I achieved All-American status in both the freestyle and backstroke.

After college I joined the corporate workforce. Like many people, I spent my work time at work sitting in a cubicle farm. Outside of work, I focused my spare time training for triathlons and open swimming events, studying nutrition, and working on getting a personal training certification.

I was feeling pretty content with my life. I was earning a steady paycheck and still had time to focus on staying fit and healthy. My life was pretty stress-free and seemed like it was headed in the right direction.

But then in late 2000, something terrible happened…

I got laid off!

It turns out I wasn’t as valuable at work as I thought. I was just another employee who lost his job when the dot com company I worked for started failing.

I was devastated. I felt sick to my stomach. I really need that full-time paycheck just to cover my bills.

But you see, losing my job might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Let me explain.

After I got laid off, I got motivated. I didn’t want to ever work for someone else and have to worry if today was the day that I would be told that I was being laid off again.

I took what I knew about swimming, personal training, and proper nutrition and I started coaching other adults in masters level swimming.

I quickly figured out that most people have poor technique in the water and are using way too much energy to swim.

I went back and reviewed some of the basic freestyle techniques that helped me achieve All-American status in college.

It didn’t take long to go…

…first out of the water in the Long Beach Triathlon.
sue-rigler “I’ve been using your swim tips and techniques and I actually was first out of the water in the Long Beach Triathlon of women in my age division… this is an all time first for that! I’ve always been middle of the pack… I was shocked myself! I actually ended up first place for my age and 12th overall… I was pretty excited. Doing Hermosa Beach this weekend… hope the waves are small. I am from Iowa and don’t like big waves!”

Sue Rigler, Manhattan Beach, CA

I felt strong more focused on what my training had taught me…
“Kevin, I took 10 minutes off Pumkin Man last October in the swim and 34 min overall on my time and moved up two slots in my age group to # 8! YeHaw!

I followed your modules concentrating more on technique for rotation and glide and swam the course for 3 days two weeks before the event and worked on distance. I felt strong more focused on what my training had taught me and confidence played a big factor

– Doug Cox

I was able to swim a 1:16 which was A LOT faster than I expected…
peter-carroll“I signed up for an Ironman without ever doing a triathlon of any distance. I had never swam laps before. Right before I signed up for this course, I signed up for a 1/2 ironman (my first triathlon ever) to ‘practice’. My swim time was slow, 50 min I think. My Ironman fell in month 4 of this training and will all that I had learned up to that point, I was able to swim a 1:16 which was A LOT faster than I expected and I felt as if I could have gone faster. Thanks for all your help!”

– Peter Carroll

…my catch is smoother and there is less strain on my shoulders.
“Hi Kevin, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your helpful insights, my swimming is progressing. My elbows are higher than before, my catch is smoother and there is less strain on my shoulders. I’m very pleased with the ease of efficiency due to dedication to the prescribed drills in Modules 1 and 2. The shark fin drill has especially contributed to my muscle memory of entering the water closer to my goggle line and a better extension/glide afterwards, thanks!! Eventually, I hope my times are better than a 1:40/100 yds. ”

– Patty Topper

From Unemployed To Turning Business Away…

I started training clients privately. It turns out that even early on, most of my clients happened to be triathletes. I started teaching them my energy-saving swim techniques. And while I was at it, I also started designing workout plans to help them get in top shape too.

I started studying the philosophies and techniques from some of the top swim coaches in the world. I tested everything I learned from them. What worked for me, I started using with my clients. What didn’t work… well, I quickly discarded that and kept testing new ideas.

It didn’t take long until I had created my own system for training triathletes how to excel at the swim.

This system has enabled me to train triathletes — from beginner through professional — and help them become very good swimmers and even better triathletes.

Pretty soon, the word started spreading and more people started contacting me for coaching.

Well, it didn’t take long for my schedule to become jam-packed. Before I knew it, I was turning away people who wanted my help because I didn’t have any openings in my schedule to offer them!

Finally, in 2003, I decided to offer help in an additional way. I took some of the techniques that I use with my coaching clients and I created a book called “The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming”.

Since then, thousands of people have eagerly grabbed it and many of them report new record times in their very next triathlon.

Why Overtraining Is No Longer An Option…

When it comes to training for triathlons, I’ve never been comfortable with the traditional philosophies of “no pain, no gain”.

I dislike the tough-guy jock mentality of “the more of an exercise you do, the better it will work”.

You see, the human body has its limits of what it can handle before it starts to break down. This breakdown is often called “over-training”.

I realized first with my own training — and later on with my coaching clients — that you can’t treat your swimming training the same way you do your cycling or running training.

Each part of the triathlon — swimming, running, and cycling — stresses the body differently… so you need to train differently for each leg.

As soon as I made this breakthrough, I realized the secret to…

Getting More Results From Less Work…

While I was searching for different training tips, tactics, and techniques… I discovered a particular method of swimming that seemed very promising.

I started incorporating some of this method’s techniques and drills into my workouts. Pretty soon, I started adding it into my clinics and private lessons too.

Here’s what happened — I found this particular method helped my swimmers get more out of their strokes, swim faster, and more fluidly, while exerting less energy.

In other words, they were getting more results while doing less work!

So, how do you start improving your swimming skills for your next triathlon?

If you’re a beginner looking for the best way to get started then there are limited resources available to you.

If you’re at the intermediate level and looking to improve your skills, I’m afraid to say, it’s not much better.

Even if you have access to tri clubs in your area, many times these clubs fall short of offering any kind of true swim training plan.

Masters swim teams are a good place to go to get good workouts… but they’re rarely geared towards triathletes. Their focus is on doing lots of yardage and distance instead of offering technique help that works for the open swim.

But it’s not the fault of tri clubs or masters swim teams. Training for an open water triathlon swim is not the same as training for any other type of competitive swimming.

Open swimming requires more attention to using the proper technique, rather than doing ordinary high yardage, anaerobic workouts.

When I see countless triathletes overtraining… putting in long hours in the pool… and then not enjoying the level of racing success that they should, it bothers me.

I hate seeing people make the same swim technique mistakes that many of my swim coaching clients used to make… when they’re so easy to correct.

I know I can’t change the world… but if I can help a few people change their lives for the better by showing them how to become a more successful triathlete, then I’ll have made a positive difference.

And that’s why after getting countless emails and customer requests, I created a Cutting Edge Training Program which any triathlete can use to improve their own swimming technique… and reach new levels of success, race after race.

Whether you’re a first-time triathlete or an Ironman, someone looking to get back into triathlons, or a seasoned triathlete, you can use my system to improve your swimming technique & speed. You can reach your goals without wasting a bunch of time, money, and most importantly, energy.

“The Only Step-by-Step Program With Triathlon Specific Swim Technique Videos, Drills, Workouts, and Race Strategies You’ll Ever Need To Swim Faster & More Efficiently!”

Technique Mastery

Swim with ease like you never have before. Save your energy for the bike and run instead of blowing yourself out to start the race. You’ll get your balance in the water. You’ll correct your head position, breathing, and kicking. You’ll execute the perfect pull, getting the most propulsion possible.

Workout Mastery

Incorporate key drills into easy-to-follow workouts. Workout Mastery will improve your endurance & speed, allowing you to finish the swim strong with much more energy. You’ll gain speed bring down your overall times.

Open Water Swim Mastery

Broken down into easy-to-follow steps. You’ll discover quick & simple techniques to go from swimming in a pool to exceeding in the open water. You’ll dramatically reduce race day anxiety and use any nervousness you have to your advantage for the swim!

Easy 1-2-3 Formula


By using these superior swim techniques, and following our easy 1-2-3 formula you’ll get a competitive edge you won’t find anywhere else.

“Tri Swim Success Online Triathlon Swim Training Program is the type of specific training often done during one-on-one private coaching but is rarely found elsewhere. It’s a push in the right direction, so you can reach new levels of success race after race.”

What can you expect to find in Tri Swim Success?


Well, Here are 21 Secrets We Reveal in This Powerful Online Triathlon Swim Training Program…

– Core Drills that Build Your Free-style Foundation

How to Prepare For Your Next Triathlon in 12 Weeks…

– The Most Common Mistakes that Beginners Make With Their Swim Stroke

Open Water and Race Strategies… Ignore Them At Your Own Risk!

– A Technique to Improve Your High Elbow Recovery and Correct The Bad Habit of Slapping the Water

How to Retrain Your Body so You Stop Muscling Your Way Through the Water…

– Why Bilateral Breathing is Critical to Hitting Top Times in the Swim

A Simple Technique to Stay On-Course While Swimming…

– How to Breath Properly While in the Water…

Some People Consider The Start of the Swim To Be The Toughest Part of the Triathlon. I’ll Give You 7 Steps To Make It Painless For You…

– Got a Weak Kick? Here’s What You Should Do…

3 Ways To Make Race Day Less Stressful For You…

– A Huge Misconception About Freestyle Swimming – Even Veteran Swimmers Believe This Myth…

Why Using the Dolphining Technique Can Mean the Difference Between a Smooth Start… and Falling Flat on Your Face…

– A Powerful Drill Which Helps You Increase Your Balance in the Water…

The Secret to Turning Buoys Fast…

– How to Do the Corkscrew Drill — the Best Way To Practice Balancing in the Water at All Possible Angles…

Does Drafting Work? You Bet! It’s Legal in Open Water triathlons and I’ll Share 2 Reasons Why It Can Help Any Triathlete!

– The Drill Designed to Help You with Proper Hand Entry, Extension, Glide, and Overall Rhythm of Freestyle…

Choose the Right Training Equipment and You Can Dramatically Improve the Quality of Your Workouts. Choose Wrong… and Your Workout Can Quickly Turn Into Overtraining. I’ll Share My Field-Tested and Recommended List of Equipment…

– … and Much More!

Most triathletes make the wrong investments when they’re trying to up their game.

They spend way too much on a shiny bike that costs more than a car.

They buy into the hype about the latest high tech gadgets.

But they ignore the part of the race that could have the biggest impact on their race outcome.

You don’t need the latest or most expensive gear to reach your triathlon goals.

The key to success—far more than pricey gear— is putting in more and better training.

Improving in swimming is not just about getting faster in the swim portion either, but on the whole race.

By implementing the techniques we teach, you’ll take time off your swim. You’ll finish higher in your age group for the first leg of the race.

But that’s not where the payoff happens.

The payoff is in stroke efficiency. Having an efficient stroke saves you the energy you’ll need later.

It’ll allow you to process oxygen in a much more effective way, so you can finish strong– not just at the end of your swim, but at the end of your race as a whole.

How Much Does Training Like This Usually Cost?

You could spend hours researching different types of swimming techniques. You could spend even more time testing each of those techniques personally — and still not see any improvement in your race time.

You can find swimming tips for free — and discover they’re either incomplete or don’t apply to triathlon style swimming.

You could join a masters swim team and add in a few sessions of one-on-one training… and spend hundreds of dollars each month.

You can buy another swim training video — only to find out it’s difficult to use… doesn’t have clear descriptions or explanations… or you find it takes a lot of time to use.

You Could Deal With All of These Frustrations Like Many People Do… or You Can Get Your Instant Access to Tri Swim Success instead!

You don’t have to research swimming techniques… because I’ve done the research for you.

You don’t have to hire a coaching pro… because I’ve spent the time and expense to make sure Tri Swim Success teaches you what a pro would.

You don’t have to worry about how easy a training system is to use… because I made my training system easy for anyone to use.

You don’t have to worry about spending your next car payment on swim training… because I made my system affordable for everyone.

In fact, for a limited time, you can get your lifetime access to Tri Swim Success for a one-time payment of $97 $67.

Do you really think you should keep yourself from becoming more efficient swimmer and finishing strong for the rest of your triathlon career for less than a cost of a meal out for two?

This small investment in your skills could shave minutes off your triathlon time. You’ll achieve new personal records while enjoying every second of the race.

For a limited time, One-time Payment & Lifetime Access!

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We guarantee your satisfaction.

In fact, I believe in Tri Swim Success so much that I’m willing to take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it squarely on mine. Here’s what I mean…

100% No B.S. Gold Medal Guarantee

This information-packed triathlon swim training program contains all of the tips, techniques, and resources I’ve used to help countless struggling triathletes experience major breakthroughs. I’m talking about the type of information that’s normally only gained from years of trial and error or being trained by a professional coach.

Simply stated, I know there isn’t another product available like “Tri Swim Success”. In fact, that’s why I am not afraid to offer you a 60-day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Take up to 60-day to watch and review the entire system. Try any of my workout routines and make an honest, fair effort at improving your open water swimming skills. If you don’t feel this program was worth every penny, simply email me and I’ll promptly refund your money.

Fair enough?

Six Powerful Reasons Why You’ll Be Delighted With Tri Swim Success…

1. Become a much more efficient and faster swimmer with better technique…

2. Accomplish your triathlon goals in less time…

3. Slash 5-10 minutes off your personal best race time…

4. Have more energy left over after the swim… Attack the rest of the triathlon with high energy and vigor instead of trudging through it like countless others will…

5. Trust your training and have the confidence that you’re ready to swim, bike, run and rock on race day!

6. Make your triathlon training and racing an all-around better experience.

If you’re ready to get rid of poor swimming techniques & overtraining, and bring some fun back into your triathlon training sessions, Don’t Wait… Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success” Right Now.

For the low price of $97 $67 — you’ll get a comprehensive plan to slash your race times to the bone.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You won’t have to suffer through overtraining any more… or deal with annoying injuries. The program helps you to get the most out of every workout without doing TOO much.

You’ll start seeing results right away.

What Do Customers Have To Say About Tri Swim Coach?


…without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles.
scott-ironmanOne year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. I had NO CLUE how to swim. The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick. Boy was I wrong. I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call. I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water. I kept a journal. Excerpts: 1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”. 1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”. 1/28 – Bought a Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.”

That program was Tri Swim Success. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place. I had to put my trust in it.

Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it. Oh… and becoming an Ironman.

– Scott Stone, Lawrenceville, GA
Ironman Triathlete

…it all seemed to fall into place.
bill-pritchett“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much your web-based resources have helped me with my swimming. I’ve been a runner for years…I always struggled with the swim and tried all kinds of methods to improve: lessons, group sessions, and even a personal coach. Nothing seemed to help. I joined the Tri Swim Success program. I could never seem to get my kick in sync with my stroke, so I always ended up dragging my legs, kicking just once per stroke, or “scissor-kicking” in a way that created drag. The drills in the program really helped. Finally yesterday, it all seemed to fall into place. I was able to synch my kick with my stroke. All of a sudden, swimming felt effortless, and I could actually feel my kick helping to propel me through the water. I can’t wait to get back into the pool today to reinforce these skills. Your videos have definitely helped me progress with my swimming, and I’m sure my tri times next summer will prove it!”

– Bill Pritchett, Michigan

…something really clicked yesterday.
“I want to thank you for your coaching! I just wanted to let you know that something really clicked yesterday and I dropped my single arm stroke cycle from an average of 26 to 14 at the 25 yard pool. A nearly 40% improvement literally overnight! I just couldn’t believe the sensation of gliding, rolling, etc! Thank you for helping me enjoy swimming for the rest of my life!”

– Bill Yee, Cupertino, CA
Beginner Triathlete

…so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training.
manny-hernandez“Overall I attribute my swimming improvement to this program. I improved my time on a 200 meter swim by 45 seconds. I never would have accomplished this without your program. I signed up for my first open water triathlon last year before I had any experience with Tri Swim Pro. I was very concerned about the open water swim. However, given the improvements I have seen so far in my swimming, I am now looking forward to training for that event. I am so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training to an Olympic Triathlon distance swim.”

– Manny Hernandez

…was able to go into the swim with confidence.
vivienne-kennedy“I used the Essentials program for my first triathlon swim and it was excellent training. I was able to go into the swim with confidence that I would be able to swim the distance, although not in record time – but be confident that I could confidently participate. Now that I have seen the TriSwim Pro, I would say the same thing – the drills were excellent in developing great technique. The videos are great so that you can see exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing. I like with the TriSwim that you have access to others’ experiences, which sometimes are similar to that which I have experienced, and ultimately helps with overall learning and increased confidence. This program also allows me to train when it’s convenient for me & not to have to train according to someone else’s schedule – yay!”

– Vivienne Kennedy

“Since I started learning with you and TriSwimCoach 4 months ago, I have been able to drop my average 100m time from 2’30 to 1’45, and I now feel like I can swim as long and as far as necessary for triathlons. No distance frightens me anymore. One might even say I now “laugh at the water. Thanks for everything!”

Sebastien Monnet Clarkston, Michigan USA

I feel so much better mentally after the experience.

Last week was my first ever triathlon (Cornwall Sprint Triathlon). I haven’t really swam with any real technique or focus until 2 months ago. Before that I swam with my face out of the water and just swam to get around the pool/lake.

I thought after all of the practice that I had put in I was ready for the swim portion of the triathlon. I was wrong, lol. I ended up having to hang onto a kayak for a bit to catch my breath. Positives were that I was able to finish strong and got out of the water in 17 minutes (750 meters). The last 300 metres I was back to swimming like I had been practicing and was actually passing people again.

Fast forward to yesterday. I wanted to swim to an island across our lake that is over a km away from our dock. It was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve ever had. I was able to get in a rhythm and just felt right in a zone. I ended up doing the swim to the island and back in under an hour (2.5km’s). It was an awesome learning experience. When I finished I was at the dock with my sister and she couldn’t get over how I wasn’t out of breath.

I feel so much better mentally after the experience.

I feel as though I have the ability to swim really quickly over long distances.

Thank you for all of the help in getting me able to face the challenge of swimming and befriending the water.
Devon Murray Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

From what I’ve gathered over the years, I will say that this Tri Swim Coach program is about the best thing going for aspiring Triathletes and Open Water Competitors in today’s day and age.

jeff-teaching-smI recently had an athlete who came to me after trying everything. He just couldn’t seem to improve his times in a half and full IM. I told him his best bet was to learn how to SWIM PROPERLY , under some direct tutelage. 1 on 1. He gave me his training plan and it was

After perusing the program with Kevin Koskella at the helm, I was amazed at this entire package. The videos were excellent, demo subjects extremely well taught, generally impeccable. Kevin takes you from the technique phase, with masterful methods, into the Training phase, extremely in depth, and out into the Open Water , where it all goes down in a Triathlon.
Coach Jeff Stuart, Manchester , Ct

“With Tri Swim Success, I have cut 10 minutes off my 2 mile swim time.”

Gary Shields, Janesville, Wisconsin

+ Free Bonus:

Swimming Specific Conditioning Guide for Triathletes: To prepare you for the demands of the upcoming season

  • Build strength for swimming
  • Help prevent injuries
  • Improve your weakest areas

Build strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Don’t Wait… Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success” Now!

Go into your race with confidence and clarity about what you need to do, and exactly how to do it.

– Be able to get air on every breath- even in choppy or crowded conditions.

Leap ahead of your competition instead of trailing in their wake.

– Never worry again about using up all your energy in the swim.

Finish your swim with plenty of energy left over for your bike and run.

– And finally, improve your overall race times while having more fun on the course.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

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I’ll tap into your years of personal and professional experience. I’ll get access to your extensive expertise of the performance-enhancing tips, tactics, and techniques that you use with all of your swim coaching clients!

Tri Swim Success Only $97 $67


I understand I will have a full 60 days to review Tri Swim Success. If I am not 100% delighted with this powerful program, I understand I can contact you for a prompt refund with no questions asked.

To Your Success,

Kevin Koskella
Tri Swim Coach

P.S. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner and intermediate level triathletes make is using the wrong swimming techniques. Simply improving your technique with Tri Swim Success is a proven short-cut to triathlon success!

P.P.S. You can spend hundreds of dollars each month for one-on-one training… and hope you are learning the right open swim techniques. Or you can Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success” created by the triathlon training expert with over 27 years of competing and coaching experience. Don’t wait… grab your copy now!

P.P.P.S. Right now you’re sitting at the crossroads. You can ignore this letter and pretend it hasn’t just cost you faster swim times. Six months from now, you’ll probably be at the same race times you’re at now.

Or, you can make the choice today to take charge of creating your own athletic success. You’ll choose the path to proven open swim techniques and take the swim from being a feared foe and turn it from your trusted ally. Why not get started now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer: A one-time payment of $97 $67 gets you access to Tri Swim Success. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Answer: You get instant access to the secure customer area on my website. Just login with your username and password and start watching the streaming videos immediately in full-screen HD quality.

Answer: Yes! You can watch on any device, tablet or phone that can access the web.

Answer: Yes, we have a specific plan laid out for many different types of training schedules and levels of experience.

Answer: Yes, All Access Pass members will have access to me through the members-only Facebook Group and private email. There will also be a monthly chat session for members.

Answer: Yes, it’s part of All Access Pass. You can get a swim stroke analysis by Kevin. We have a section in the member-only area where members can upload their videos. The more you can show of your stroke, the better analysis you will get. All Access Pass is an add-on to our Tri Swim Success Training. It gives our members access to more resources and unlimited video swim stroke analysis.

Answer: Great question! Hands down, freestyle swim technique is the most frequently used one in triathlons. That’s the first one we will start on mastering.

While cross training on the different strokes is a good idea, I don’t recommend doing it until you’ve got freestyle licked.

That’s why I do not cover stroke technique info on the other three strokes — backstroke, butterfly, and breastroke until later in the program.

The good news I will cover all of these techniques in “plain English” and as easy to put into action as is possible.

Answer: Of course! You have a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with what you learn, just email me and say, “Thanks, but this was not quite right for me.” I’ll refund your purchase promptly, and we’ll still be friends. It’s that simple. You have no risk and nothing to lose.


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Disclaimer: As with any exercise or athletic activity there is always a risk of injury. While we can not guarantee how much of a time improvement you may see in your race times, we can say that our members who follow our step-by-step system exactly as it is presented do see a reduction in their race times. Before starting any exercise program, including ours, please see your doctor to make sure you are good enough physical condition do so. Neither Kevin Koskella, any member of TriSwim Coach, or it’s designated representatives assume any liability for your physical well-being.