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6 Triathlon Swimming Tips For Beginners

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You don’t need to be intimidated by the swimming portion of the triathlon anymore! In this article, we list out 6 triathlon swimming tips for beginners.

While some people find the swimming portion of the race to be the easiest, most triathletes dread this leg of the competition. If you are ready to conquer your fear, follow these tips for beginners and get ready to jump into the water.

Technique– If you are new to swimming, you will need to take time to master your technique. You will find most of the mechanisms to swimming fairly easy to pick up. The best way to learn is from an instructor. While you may not need their assistance over the long term, getting it right the first time is easier than fixing it later. You can find a few qualified coaches at

Practice– Nothing is better than repetition when you are learning anything new. So practice, practice, practice your technique until you have it down.

Work in Teams– Even the most motivated of us need a little encouragement every once and a while. Practice in teams or in a group. Not only will they nudge you along, but they can help to provide you with important feedback to improve as well as competition during your training sessions.

Train out of the Pool– You are probably already doing this, but include strength training in your triathlon routines. In particular, work on building your core (this includes your mid-section, body weight exercises are great) strength. While the strength of your kick is also important, during a triathlon race, you will actually rely more on your core strength to complete this portion of the race.

Your Attire– Make sure that you have a well-fitted wetsuit that was designed in particular for open water triathlon swimming. Not only will a wetsuit work to keep your body warm, but it will reduce drag and increase your ability to glide through the water. Get the best wetsuit that you can afford.

Distance Training– Even though the actual distance of your race will be short in comparison, be sure to include long distance workouts in your swimming routines. Most competitors get extremely tired towards the end of the swimming portion of the race. So, by building your endurance when it comes to swimming, you will be better positioned to not only complete this portion of the race, but you will have a competitive race time as well.

So as you can see, there is absolutely no reason to fear the swimming portion of the triathlon. Follow these 6 triathlon swimming tips for beginners, take the plunge, and jump in the water- you can do it!