The 5 Day Course to Mastering the Triathlon Swim

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5 Day Course to Mastering the Triathlon Swim

Here is a description of our free 5-day course to help you master swimming for triathlon. By signing up for the newsletter, you will get 5 emails with drills and tips to getting your swim in gear for a triathlon.

Welcome to triswimcoach. I have a question for you. What if you could improve your freestyle and set a new personal record?
Would you do it?
Imagine making massive improvements to your freestyle using proven methods.
Not just swimming mindless laps.
What would it feel like to have total control over your swim?
Whether you want to conserve energy on your swim, have a faster triathlon, move up to the middle or front of the pack, beat your friends and competition, or just have more fun racing and training, our 100 percent free five day online swim course will build the foundation .
Here’s what you’ll learn:
Day one: Kicking – most people will do one simple wrong thing here and we’ll show you how to quickly correct it.
Day two: Learning to swim on your sides – which is all about balance.
Day three: Hip rotation – the key to freestyle improvement.
Day four: Hand entry and a tip to make you go faster in the water.
Day five: Putting it all together.
In just five short days you can set the foundation to improve your swim stroke for good.
Here’s how to get started. Fill in your email address to the right of this video. You’ll instantly gain access to the first day’s lesson. Don’t wait on this. It’s 100 percent free. There’s nothing to lose.
See you in the water.