Triathlon Swim Workouts – Issue #26

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Triathlon Swim Workouts

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I am including a new story in the newsletter on a monthly basis- I am going to feature triathletes affiliated with Tri Swim Coach that have had success in swimming, or just in a triathlon in general.

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Enjoy the Workout of the Month!


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Workout of the Month 

Great taper workout for the week before a race- or use it to start getting back in shape after a layoff. 

Choice= any stroke
DPS= Distance Per Stroke (long strokes)
Fist= Swim freestyle with fist instead of open hands
ST= Stroke

Main set- swim 4 50’s + 1 200. Do that 4 times through.
WARM UP: 400 Choice

DRILL: 4×100’s. #1) Kick #2) Fist #3) DPS #4) Build

MAIN: 4x(4×50’s + 200)
4×50’s: Hard @ Cruise + :30
200’s: Easy Rest= :30

WARM DOWN: 300, breathe every 3 ST on odd lengths

TOTAL: 2700 Yards