Triathlon Swim Workout Plan – Issue #38

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Triathlon Swim Workout Plan

Dear Friend,

I hope your motivation level is up and your training is going well!

I know my motivation just kicked up a notch- here in California and most of the U.S., we got to move our clocks ahead- meaning more time in the evenings, and warmer days as we move into Spring!

Don’t hesitate to email me questions about the drills, workouts, or training in general.

If you are a lap swimmer or if swimming is typically a solo effort for you, check out the SwiMP3 player below. Your workouts will be more fun than ever!

Enjoy the sample workout and stay positive!


“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

-Brian Tracy

Workout of the Month

A low aerobic workout designed to lengthen out your stroke.

Cruise = an interval you can make 100’s free on comfortably with about 10-15 seconds rest. Example: 5×100’s on 1:45.
¾ Catchup- taking stokes about ¾ of the way to touching your other hand before each recovery. In other words, almost touch your hands out in front on each stroke.
WARM UP: 2×200’s 1) Free 2) Alternate Stroke (choice)/Free by 25

DRILL: 6×50’s 3/4 Catchup
Rest= :15
3×200’s #1) Count # of strokes. #2,3) Keep the same Stroke Count or lower
Rest= :15

MAIN: 2x(4×100+4×50)
100’s: Cruise
50’s: Stroke Count-1

WARM DOWN: 150 Breathe every 3-5 strokes

TOTAL: 2600 (yards or meters)