Triathlon Swim Training Equipment – Issue #15

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I hope your training is off to a great start.

Today I have included a workout and a tip on triathlon swim training equipment to keep you on track to improving your stroke.

Don’t lose site of your goal and stay patient while you learn new swimming skills. Don’t forget swimming is entirely different from the other two triathlon sports and quality is much better than quantity.


Workout of the Month

WARM UP: 2x(200 Free/100 Non-free) DRILL: 10×50’s Odds: 25 Fist/25 SC Evens: Descend
Rest= :20

MAIN: 4×300’s
#1) 6×50’s@cruise +:05 #2) 3×100’s @ cruise #3) 300 DPS Rest= :40 #4) 300 90% effort
6×50’s Free Golf, Rest = :20


TOTAL: 2800

Cruise= Interval you can comfortably make 100’s on with 10-15 seconds rest
DPS= Distance Per Stroke- make your stroke long and exaggerate the glide
Fist= swimming freestyle with your hands in fists SC= Count your Strokes
Free Golf= Count your strokes and check your time after each 50. Add these 2 numbers together to get your “score”. Improve by lowering your score each 50.

Training Tip #15: Minimize your use of equipment
Everybody loves the pull buoys, kick boards, big paddles and long fins. However, these items are not going to help you when training for a triathlon swim. Buouys and boards are floatation devices and give you a false sense of being on top of the water. Paddles can cause shoulder injuries. Long fins give you a false powerful kick (I do like the shorter fins for specific purposes- I’ll get into that in the next issue). So keep it simple no matter what all your friends are doing!

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