Triathlon Swim Drills – Issue #101

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Triathlon Swim Drills

Dear Friend,

As I am in the middle of building a new web business, juggling several coaching projects, and planning a 2.5 month trip to New Zealand and Australia, I am reminded that when doing something new, each successful step will help build your confidence to the next level, little by little.

In swimming, you may take 1 fewer stroke per length, or be able to execute the Shark Fin Drill with ease, or even just swim eight lengths straight without stopping when your previous record was 4.

It’s easy to complain and talk about our mistakes, problems, and challenges.

But make sure you are counting your successes. Write them down after your workout. Every little improvement builds on your last success, and this will pay dividends later in terms of building confidence.


“The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.”
-Geoffrey Gaberino

Workout of The Month


Shark Fin Drill: Start in the kicking on your side position. Lift your trailing elbow up towards the sky, and drag your hand through the water until it reaches your goggle line (or until you’ve made a shark fin). Slide the hand back down, roll onto your back, grab some air and repeat. Keep thinking about keeping your eyes looking directly at the pool bottom.

Cruise: An interval you can make 100 yard or meter swims on with about 5-10 seconds rest 8 times consecutively. For 200’s just double that interval.

Descend: Get faster
Ascend: Get slower

Warm Up: 3 x 100’s Freestyle
Alternate 50 Kick on your Side, 50 Swim

Drill: 6 x 75’s
50 Shark Fin Drill, 25 Swim
Rest= :10 between each 75

Main: 7 x 200
#1-3) Make interval, focus on hand extension with each stroke.
#4) Count strokes and lower stroke count each 50
#5-7) Descend Time each 200
Interval= Cruise. Take extra :30 after #4

Warm Down: 200 Ascend, breathe every 3 strokes

Total: 2350

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