Triathlete holiday shopping guide

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holiday shoppingThe holiday shopping season is upon us and you might be creating a list (and checking it twice) of gear to get that special swimmer in your life (including yourself). Since triathletes and swimmers are so hard to shop for, Tri Swim Coach put together their list of the 9 best gifts on the market.

We have made sure to include several price points so that even if you are on a budget, you can still make your 2016 “the year of the amphibian.” All the items though have been tested by for quality insurance and have our TSC seal of approval.

  1. The Vasa swim trainer: While the most expensive product on our list, it will also give you the biggest gains. If you want to read more about it and see what impressive progress both in strength and form I have gained from it, you can read more about it here and here.
  2. Lava shorts or pants: WIth these shorts you will get all the benefits of a wetsuit without having to overheat in the pool. Some people call them “cheat shorts” because they will definitely smooth out any irregularities in your form and thus boost your speed significantly. Although tempting, they are not for everyday use but for those weekly “Fast Friday” or “long block” sessions they are worth every penny. To pick up a pair at 60% off list price, use code CO-TRISC.
  3. Tri Swim Signature Series: With a new box every month full of goodies, not only is this better than getting a new swimsuit for the holidays but also it is more cost efficient. This one closes soon you better take advantage of this soon.
  4. Finis Freestylers Paddles: Our favorite paddles that will not put stress on your shoulders and will correct your form.
  5. Finis Z2 Zoomers: Our favorite fins that will help loosen up your ankles and improve your kick instead of being a crutch.
  6. A new suit: With a huge variety of swimsuits to choose from you can have your pick to express yourself.
  7. The Bodimetrics Performance monitor: Give the gift of health. For those of you worried about your health or for the Bodyhacker in your life, this is the swiss army knife of metric monitors.
  8. GoPro: Another pricey toy but is great to record and track your stroke in the pool. Always have a pair of eyes on the pool deck and in the water. Take a video and then send it off to us and have it analysed.
  9. Garmin Swim: The perfect way to track laps, speed, and time in the water. Never miss a lap.

If you have something to add, let us know.