Tri Swim Workouts – Issue #127

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Tri Swim Workouts

Tri Swim Workouts

Dear Friend,

Thanks to everyone who picked up a set of waterproof drill cards last week during the launch! Hopefully, you’ve received yours by now and are putting the drills and workouts to use. If you did pick up a set, let me know your thoughts when you get a chance…just shoot an email to

If you missed the product launch special, we still have a few sets left in the first round. They are at a higher price, but you can still get a discount by getting all three items- The Triathlon Swimming DVD, Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming and Waterproof Drill & Workout Cards.

BTW, today here in the U.S. is “tax day”, where many working Americans get their hard-earned money taken from them. If you are one of these folks and this is a stressful time for you, I suggest going for a nice, long swim! There is no reason to let finances affect your health negatively, and the water has a therapeutic affect, especially if you are doing a workout.

Check out the one I have included below to de-stress and improve your health.


“In 100 years, will the thing you are worried about today mean anything at all?”

Workout of the Month

This is a bit more of an advanced workout, so do what you can!

Warm Up: 300 practice some breathing to your weaker side

200, sighting an object on the pool deck on even lengths (pop your head up every 4 strokes for
4 x 50 Build @ Cruise +:05

Drill: 4 x 100. 50 kicking on your side/25 Shark Fin drill on weaker side/25 build freestyle

Main: Set #1: 2 x 200
4 x 100
8 x 50
200’s & 100’s: on Cruise
50’s: Backstroke/Free by 25, focus on hip rotation, Rest= :10
Set #2:
1 x 300
2 x 150
4 x 75
300 & 150’s on Cruise
75’s Practice sighting and breathing every 3 strokes, Rest= :10
Stroke Repair: 6 x 50, Free Golf.
Pay attention to hip rotation, glide, and hand entry. Experiment with breathing on weaker side on the
last 4. Rest= :15

Warm Down: 150 bilateral breathing
Total: 3650

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