Tri Swim Signature Series

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November 2015 is a very special month for Tri Swim Coach. It marks our 10-year anniversary of promoting triathlon lifestyle and training our athletes with the latest triathlon swim training and information! Tri Swim Coach is built upon the idea that everyone should be able to participate in triathlons, from individuals who have never swam to advanced athletes who have been training for years.

The story of the Tri Swim Coach is a story of hope, optimism, and success. It’s a story that represents a dream that started many years ago with small number of triathletes whom gained confidence, efficiency, and strength to set their sights from nearly sinking in the water to becoming top triathletes and continue on with thousands of fans and followers.

I strongly believe that our strength as a community has taken us further than any one individual could travel.

Although we are very proud of our Tri Swim Coach Community and all that it represents, it is just the beginning for us.

This year, Tri Swim Coach is growing to reach over 100,000 followers from all over the world, allowing us to bring even more special ideas to inspire, train, have fun, and build an amazing tribe together.

To help facilitate the training experience, we’ve compiled a number of resources to help within our Tri Swim Pro Training Program. These proven methods have helped 4,181 triathletes (and counting) to slash average of 7:21 minutes off their triathlon race times…

A Step Toward a Bigger Dream…

Beyond stroke improvement, faster race times, and smoother swims, we set our sights on inspiring our athletes, making swimming more fun, and developing more personal connection.

We are excited to show you what is more to come.

In this effort to inspire, create more fun, and develop connection, we came up with another idea – the Tri Swim Coach Signature Series.

Each month, we will unveil a signature swim suit & bottle designed and inspired by a Tri Swim Coach sponsored team athlete.

The Tri Swim Coach Signature Series will include:

  • Swimmer Signature Suit (Male or Female)
  • Swimmer Signature Bottle
  • Tri Swim Coach Weekly Triathlon Swim Workouts ($29.97+ value)
  • Free Gifts from our sponsors
  • BONUS: Motivational Swimming/Triathlon Poster

Of course, it’s time to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect in monthly signature series!




Through this motivational monthly package, we are expecting athletes to build healthy habits in a new and fun way. With the creative designs and team/group participation, we are expecting this community to be taken to the next level.

As of this post, we have about 9 days left before the December Signature Series closes. For more and to sign up today, go to

I can’t wait to see the new habits being built and the community growing!

We hope that you enjoy reading about our community and how we work together to have fun, develop more personal connection and ensure the strength of our tribe, so we can travel further.

Thank you everyone for helping us have wonderful last 10 years.