Trans Tahoe Relay Swim 2009

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In about an hour, I will be jumping on a plane headed to Sacramento, and visiting a friend there tonight until leaving for Lake Tahoe, CA tomorrow for the Trans Tahoe Relay.

It’s a race across the width of Lake Tahoe, about 11.5 miles. This is a 6-person relay where we have a boat, and each person swims for 30 minutes, and again for 15 minutes until we finish the race.

The last time I did this race was 2003. It was the most fun swim race I’ve ever taken part in. At that time we had a boat full of UC Davis alumni, and we all swam pretty fast and ended up taking 6th overall.

This year I’m swimming with some masters swimmers from the La Jolla area where I swim. I stepped up my training in April and have been doing 3-4 times per week, usually consisting of 1 ocean swim. I’ve been training consistently at the 1:15 interval for about 6 weeks now, and actually tapered a bit this week for the race. I think I will go 4th or 5th, so it is unlikely that I will have to swim twice.

I’m SUPER excited to swim in this event again, and feel as ready as I can be. I think our boat can do very well. The water will be COLD, my guess is 60-65 (hoping for 65!), but for 30 minutes I feel like I’ll survive it (no wetsuits allowed as this is open water swimming rules!). And the air should be around 78-80, perfect!!

I will post results and pictures if I have them later!