Training for a Triathlon Swim – Issue #34

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Training for a Triathlon Swim

Dear Friend,

Today I have a sample early season workout for you and a tip on masters swimming vs. swimming on your own.

Also: Thanks to those of you who have given your feedback on the videos. I still need more! I plan on adding to them (at no extra cost) and I need to find out what will be most helpful to view for you. So take a minute and send me some ideas!


Workout of the Month

Fist Drill= Swim With Your Fists
Descend= Get faster on each swim
Cruise= A comfortable interval you can make 6×100’s on with about :10 rest
between each 100. For 50’s, divide your interval by 2, for 200’s, multiply by 2, etc.

WARM UP: 300 Free, Easy

DRILL: 12×50’s
#1-4) Kick on side
#5-8) Fist Drill
#9-12) Descend

MAIN: 300 Choice, Moderate, Rest= 1:00
12×25’s @ Cruise- :05, Cruise, Cruise+ :05
200 Choice Moderate Rest= :45
8×25’s Easy/Fast/Easy/No Breath (or 1 breath), Repeat. Rest= :10
100 Choice Moderate, Rest= :30
4×25’s Easy/Underwater/Easy/Underwater

WARM DOWN: 200 Easy Free

TOTAL: 2300

Masters Swimming vs. Swimming On Your Own

Masters swimming offers some wonderful benefits such has the social and motivational aspects of a group, and a coach to give you structured workouts and occassional feedback. However, masters workouts have their downside for many swimmers!

If you do belong to a masters group, make sure you are not overdoing it. If your stroke technique is slipping because you are trying to “keep up,” if you are getting sick more often, feel too tired all the time, or facing burnout in the water, think about replacing at least some of your group workout days with technique-focused solo workouts, including lots of drills to keep your stroke on track.

There are many of this type of workout in The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming!