Top 10 Things You Should Know About Masters Swimming as a Triathlete (Part 2)

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continued from Part 1.

6. If someone touches your feet when you are swimming, let them pass by staying to
the right, or stopping at the next wall and moving to the right side of the lane. Try not to
take any offense to getting passed, this happens all the time.

7. At the beginning of the workout, find the time to introduce yourself to whoever is in
your lane. Knowing the people you swim with will make your workout a pleasant
experience, and don’t forget part of masters swimming is the social aspect!

8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learn how to read the clock and the order of the
lanes within your first week.

9. Make sure to get enough rest. If you can’t make the interval in your lane, move to a
slower lane.

10. Bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor to every workout!

Keep these tips in mind, join a masters team, and get ready to add more fun into your
workout routine!