Thrive or get crushed.

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There’s a concept of “resistance” that can lie at the root of whatever may be holding you back.

Everyone has resistance.

It could be resistance to things you know are good for you.

Things like eating healthier. Doing the work. Starting a meditation practice. The idea of anger, or sadness.

What are you resisting in your life?

This is an important question to consider if you want to make positive changes.

You don’t need to come up with answers immediately. It’s more like a meditation- becoming aware on a daily basis what you are resisting.

Then, instead of trying to change it, accepting that resistance.

Accept the feelings that go along with resisting something.

This process will get you to the next level. In your swim. In your triathlons. In your health, and in your life.

When you feel this resistance come up, embrace it. This is what the triathlon greats have all felt. And instead of running from it, they embraced it.

The feeling of resistance means you are about to have a breakthrough!

You just have to stick with it. Completely feel all the feelings, and accept that this is happening. Non-acceptance means stagnation, and not being able to break through barriers and goals.

What or who are you resisting?

If you are resisting something in others, whatever it is, it’s likely something that you’re not accepting of within yourself.

For example, if conflict, anger, and heavy emotions bring up resistance for you, these are likely the things you need to work on accepting.

It could be physical, too. Cold weather make you uptight? Move to Hawaii! (just kidding!)

Accept and thrive.

Or resist and get crushed.

Keep this idea in mind over the next few days/weeks. When you can get to the point of acceptance of even what you consider the worst, most annoying things, you’ll likely have the Best Year Ever. 🙂

Befriend the water (even if you’re currently resisting it…)!