This one word changes everything

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I went for a walk last night and was mulling over some of the things I want to change my life, and thought of some ways I’ve worked through this kind of thing in the past.

I thought about running some of this by my dad, but then thought “Nah, he wouldn’t really be able to help here”.

So last night, I had a dream.

In my dream, I was standing on a sidewalk. A much younger version of my dad pulled up in an old car that he used to drive, rolled down the window and just said:

“You might want to think about taking more risks”.

Risks! This is the key word.

How can this apply to your training?

You’re taking a risk just by committing to triathlon(s). You’re taking a risk by trying to get better a swimming (what if I make a fool of myself? What if I can’t get any better?)

You even took a risk by signing up for the Tri Swim Coach “common mistakes” free course.

When you break out of the crowd and even attempt to do a triathlon, you will face adversity. Many people around you won’t understand or be supportive.

But you persevere anyway. After all, the saying “No risk, no reward” is very true!

And with swimming, this risk of failure is the greatest of the three disciplines.

As race day approaches, these worries might go through your head: What if I sink? What if I can’t get air? What if I finish dead last? What if I don’t measure up to my last race?

All risks that you will take, ready or not.

But why not be ready?

You can risk a few bucks and join our Tri Swim Success freestyle mastery program.

Or you can risk racing without preparing properly, and wonder what could have been.

A personal best time? A major accomplishment in your life? Being able to call yourself a triathlete? A podium finish?

On the other side of risk is the good stuff.

And if you risk and come up short? You still can say you showed up. You gave it what you had. You became a better version of yourself even without the result you were wanting.

And best of all, you can have no regrets!