This mindset changes everything

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Back in 1997, I read the book “The Zone” by Barry Sears.

It was an eye opener to me.

I grew up in the 80s where carbohydrates were thought of as the best source of energy.

Protein was good in limited quantities.

Fat was the devil.

The Zone was a diet that recommended eating 40% of your calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 30% from fat. Since at the time I was probably consuming about 65-70% of my calories from carbs, this was a pretty drastic shift.

But I gave it a shot. And the results were almost instant.

My energy levels improved overall, and I felt and looked more fit than ever.

Now, I don’t do the “Zone diet” (I actually eat fewer carbs than 40% but don’t track my exact percentages these days), and my point here is not necessarily to discuss nutrition.

Sears had a concept in the book that resonated with me. He talked about the idea of, what happens if you slip?

So you are trying to do 40-30-30, and you have a big pasta meal with dessert one night.

Many at this point would be tempted to throw it all out the window.”I’m no longer in the zone, might as well forget it.”

But Sears says to this: “You are always just 1 meal away from getting back in the Zone.

So maybe you had a full day of eating terribly. Or even a few days. Ok, fine, not your best showing.

But you can get back in the zone in just 1 meal!

This is the same with everything.

You haven’t exercised in a week.

Get back in the “zone” with just 1 workout!

You treated someone you love poorly. Get back in “the zone” with your next conversation!

The “zone” can be applied to each area of your life that you’re trying to improve.

Now, it is easier to stay in the “zone” than to get back in it.

The habits you create are what keep you on track.

But the concept of “1 meal” or “1 workout” away from being back in the zone is great to adopt- because it is never overwhelming to think about getting back to health- or back to your original path.

This is especially important if this is the off season for you- and with holiday season right around the corner, and knowing things are likely to get off track at some point- just keep in mind this concept- no matter how far you veer off course, you can get back on track without some monumental struggle.

To befriending the water!