The upside of stress?

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Do you have anxiety when it comes to racing?

Or does even the thought of an open water triathlon start send your heart racing?

Well… this could be a GOOD thing for your performances. Let me explain.

I’m in the middle of this book by Kelly McGonigal called “The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good For You and How To Get Good At It

Based on some extensive research, the author contends that we’re looking at stress all wrong.

Stress is actually an energy, and a normal part of being human. It’s how we deal with it that matters.

Without stress, you will not succeed in your swim, nor in your race as a whole.

So those butterflies in your stomach before the gun goes off can be channeled into positive energy, focus, and speed.

When you feel that “stressed out” feeling next time, realize this is a positive force that can be spread out along your swim.

If you don’t get stressed out at all, you’re missing out on this energy.

If you get overly stressed out, and actually FREAK out, then this has gone too far, and the stress has overtaken your mind and body.

This is where the deep breathing, and the Wim Hof breathing methods we cover in the Tri Swim Success course can really help you find this middle ground between too little and too much stress.

Sometimes just the knowledge that stress is normal and helpful can turn someone’s race around.

Knowledge is power in swimming and racing, and then taking that knowledge and using it to your advantage is what will get you to your goals, and beyond.

Befriend the water (and befriend the stress) today!