TriSwimCoach episode 112

The Tri Swim Rules Part 1 – TSC Podcast #112

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Kevin is flying solo on this episode and he shares about the “Tri Swim Rules”, the redesign and sort of rebranding of the TriSwimCoach website. Exciting things are coming and one of them is the Tri Swim Manifesto. It’s basically the triathlon pool swim rules for beginners that encompass the whole Tri Swim Coach community.

Learn “the basic rules”, what Tri Swim Coach stands for, and what it stands against on this part 1 episode. Don’t miss it!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Redesign and rebranding of TriSwimCoach
  • The Tri Swim Manifesto
  • Building a community
  • Rule 1: It never gets easier, you just get better
  • Rule 2: Befriend the water
  • Rule 3: Your background doesn’t matter, it’s where you are going that’s important
  • Rule 4: We learn swimming as naturally as possible
  • Being open to change

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