The TGIF workout

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Thank goodness it’s Friday!

I hope all of you have had a good week of training and are going into the weekend fresh and ready to hit some longer sets, which you couldn’t do on the weekdays because you had to rush off to work.

Thus, To get you properly prepped and ready to hit those intervals, here is a quick workout that has become one of my favorites. It teaches you discipline in pacing, checks all of your swim gears (yes, you have more speeds than just warm-up and race pace), and leaves you feeling tired yet invigorated to go at it again next week. It is also simple so you can hop in and do it before work, on your lunch break, or before heading home.

Warmup: 200 easy
Drill set: 6×100 (50 fist/50 swim) *you can substitute fist for catchup if you like but I find that both of these drills will get you ready for the main set
Main set: 3-6×500 as 400 build+100 easy (done continuously or on 15s rest
Cool down: 200 easy

Enjoy and have a great weekend!