The spiritual part of swimming

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Getting the stroke, little by little, is a great way to discover that inner you, the part that gets satisfaction and a self esteem boost from accomplishment.

Maybe your bigger goal is to finish a race. To land on the podium. Or to do something that seemed impossible to you just a short time ago.

But it starts with the small stuff. It starts with focusing on the moment, focusing on your breath, the water, your head position, your kick, the rhythm of freestyle… it’s one thing at a time, step by step, and a lot of focus to see and experience progress.

It was exciting to see someone as excited to learn as Emilia, and later relate it to self-growth in general- which we can all experience via sports.

There’s more to her story and what we can all learn, which we will be discussing on an upcoming podcast!

In the mean time- the next time you’re in the pool and start feeling frustrated- remember to keep this in context- these are the times when you are challenging youself, learning, and growing!

The glory moments come later, but are impossible without frustrating moments followed by tiny victories. 🙂

Just keep swimming,