The secret to success

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“Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around”

This is a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time, Vanilla Sky from 2001.

I love this quote, as it speaks to the idea of remaining present with whatever you are doing.

You may feel overwhelmed and anxious about the challenges that lie ahead.

You may have messed up so many times in the past.

But this minute, you can start over.

Perhaps your diet has gone off the rails. Or maybe you over-trained yourself into an injury.

None of that matters right now.

The question is, how can you turn things around starting now?

Maybe the answer is you need rest. Or you can not beat yourself up, just this one time.

Or maybe you have spent your day watching Netflix and eating Bon Bons (what in the world are Bon Bons anyway?), and the feeling of guilt starts to creep in.

But NOW is the best time to turn it around, turn back on your negativity, and turn on your present motivation, and start manefesting the little victories- which for some days can be simply getting out of the house with running shoes on, or even getting off the couch.

The minutes continue to pass by. The amazing thing about life is that you can pick any one of them- just one of them, and do something new, different, and beyond what you even thought you were capable of.

If this is you today:


(Courtesy of Tri Swim Success member Jerry Reimer!)

This will not be you forever..tomorrow is a new start, a chance to turn it all around, and have the ability to create your own heroic story as you make progress. 🙂