Most Swimmers Waste Energy...

Most swimmers waste energy trying to churn through the water… instead of moving the body forward. It’s as dramatic as trying to row a boat using your bare hands… instead of using top-of-the-line rowing oars.

Let’s face it: It’s no fun to compete in something that you know you don’t do well. It’s even more demoralizing to do that competition… do badly… and then try to find the energy to finish the other two parts of the race…don’t you think?

The stone-cold truth is… If you want to compete (and compete well) in Triathlons, then you have to make the swim your friend… and not your foe.

So how do you make the swim your friend…and even your best friend?

Overtraining Is No Longer An Option…

best-friends-smallWhen it comes to training for triathlons, I have never been comfortable with the traditional philosophies of “no pain, no gain”.

I really dislike the tough-guy jock mentality of “the more of an exercise you do, the better it will work”.

You see, the human body has its limits of what it can handle before it starts to break down. This breakdown is often called “over-training”.

I realized first with my own training — and later on with my coaching clients — that you can’t treat your swimming training the same way as you do for your cycling or running training.

Each part of the triathlon — swimming, running, and cycling — stresses the body differently… so you need to train differently for each leg.

As soon as I made that breakthrough, I realized the secret to…

Getting More Results From Less Work…

While I was searching for different training tips, tactics, and techniques… I discovered a particular method of swimming that seemed very promising.

I started incorporating some of this method’s techniques and drills into my workouts. Pretty soon, I started adding it into my clinics and private lessons too.

Here’s what happened — I found this particular method helped my swimmers get more out of their strokes, swim faster, and more fluidly, while exerting less energy.

In other words, they were getting more results while doing less work!

So how do you start improving your swimming skills for your next triathlon?

  • If you’re a beginner looking for the best way to get started then there are limited resources available to you.
  • If you’re at the intermediate level and are looking to improve your skills, then I’m afraid to say it’s not much better.
  • Even if you have access to tri clubs in your area, many times these clubs fall short of offering any kind of true swim training plan.
  • Masters swim teams are a good place to go to get good workouts… but they’re rarely geared towards triathletes. Their focus is on doing lots of yardage and distance instead of offering technique help that works for the open swim.

But it’s not the fault of tri clubs or masters swim teams. Training for an open water triathlon swim is not the same as training for any other type of competitive swimming.

Open swimming requires more attention to using the proper technique rather than doing ordinary high yardage anaerobic workouts.

Most newer triathletes are overtaxing their bodies with the way they train. It’s not because they want to (who would want to deliberately overtrain?). It’s because they haven’t been taught correctly.

And when they learn incorrect form… it only sets them up for failure… injury… or both.

Everytime I watch an open swim or a triathlon and see dozens of competitors risking injury or becoming so frustrated that they decide to quit, it makes me angry… Angry because it doesn’t have to be this way… not when we are talking about a great sport that you and I absolutely love.


Watch this short video to see some of the common mistakes my most beginner students had.

  • Looking straight up to take a breath and your arm drops.
  • Head moves while you rotate your hips.
  • Toes are pointed towards the bottom of the pool and feet are acting like anchors.
  • Knee bending make you to work a lot harder.

Within 6 weeks from the time we started working together, some of these athletes went from the VERY back of the swimming pack to mid pack in their triathlon distance races… and most importantly, having much more energy for their strengths, the bike & run!

I realized that if I am truly a top-notch swim coach like my clients frequently say… then I need to help other triathletes too… and not just the ones who have the ability to train with me in person.

Most of all, I believe the training needs to be enjoyable and even fun. Because if it’s not enjoyable, then you won’t stick with it and I will have failed you as your swim coach.

Don’t worry, you do not have to suffer from poor swim techniques, overtraining, and the loss of fun in your triathlon training sessions any more… and deal with annoying injuries.

How To Make Simple Tweaks To Your Swim, So You Can Swim Faster… While Using 50% Less Energy!

Imagine making massive improvements to your freestyle using proven methods.

…as opposed to just swimming mindless laps.

  • Accomplish your triathlon goals in less time…
  • Become a better swimmer quickly…
  • Slash 5-10 minutes off your personal best race time…
  • Have more energy left over after the swim… Attack the rest of the triathlon with high energy and vigor instead of trudging through it like countless others will…

After getting countless emails and customer requests, I created a system which any triathlete can use to improve their own swimming technique and lower their race times by 5 to 10 minutes without spending a lot of time, money or even energy…

So, if you’re serious about getting to the next level in triathlon and swimming,

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