The power of Momentum

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No matter what goals you’re working towards, momentum is the key to accomplishment.

Continuing your momentum means progress is a natural thing.

Losing momentum means you have an uphill battle ahead.

The analogy with swimming is, taking a few days off. Sometimes, it’s important to take time off.

But if you are mid-season, even a few days away from the water can hurt you- and put you on a never-ending treadmill of getting that “feel for the water”, and losing it, then getting it back again.

Consistently getting in the pool will keep your momentum where you need it.

Swimming two days a week, say Tuesday and Thursday, means you are taking 5 days off between your Thursday and Tuesday swims! This is definitely digging a hole for your swim training.

How do you keep the momentum?

My favorite ways:

1. Mini habits. For swimming, you can create a mini-habit of getting to the pool every day. That doesn’t even mean you have to swim! Your habit is just driving (or biking or running) to the pool. Then you can check that box. Getting in and doing a workout will naturally happen most days, but it’s not necessary.

2. Swim with friends or a group. Not necessarily a masters group, but if you have a friend or friends to meet at the pool, you will naturally be more motivated- and be able to keep one another accountable to a swim workout.

Just like it’s easier to put on unwanted fat than it is to lose it, getting out of swimming shape happens in just a few days, while it make take a couple of weeks to get back to it.

Befriend the water!