The overlooked key to your 2020 success

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Over the weekend, I helped out with running a swim clinic here in Southern California.

Tri Swim Coach/SwimBox coach Dominic Latella ran the clinic along with local masters and triathlon coach Mike Collins.

We had a great turnout of 17 local triathletes and masters swimmers taking part in launching their swimming training for the new year.

The focus was on the Foundational Breathing Method that Dominic has developed with his swimmers & triathletes.

Some of the takeaways I got:

– Rather than trying to get a full breath of air every time, aim for a “sip” of air. The idea is, instead of thinking about breathing in, focus on the exhale, right before you go for a breath. Then your body will naturally get the air it needs even with your head partially submerged.

– Sinking legs are not just caused by poor body position, but by not having air in the lungs.

– Paying attention to how we are breathing will make huge difference in our streamlined position in the water- and will help save energy as well as gain speed

– There is no such thing as a “glide” in freestyle. Gliding is just slowing down/stopping swimming.

– Never breathe when you sight in open water!

– Breathing IS the foundation of a faster, smoother freestyle.

There’s a lot more to it than this, and experiencing this is much better than reading about it. But it does seem like there is hope out there for the non-swimming background people, the newbies, those who thought they may have “plateaued”, the “I’m too old” crowd, and the “don’t have the swimming talent” crowd.

I’m sure Coach Dominic will be doing more of these clinics in the future. Definitely planning another west coast one late this summer.

And if you’re just starting your training as today is the “unofficial” start to the new year… welcome back!

Keep in mind swimming is a day by day endeavor, stay present, stay mindful, and you will start getting results this year. 🙂

Befriend the swim!