The magic pill theory

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I’d say most people want a magic pill to solve their problems in life.

Even though, logically, we all know that magic pill doesn’t exist- we still yearn for it!

Why do we give ourselves this false hope?

I think there are a few reasons.

For me, I’m kind of a rebel. I will read and study all of the best practices with something I’m learning, and then proceed to try to find some other way of doing it- that I came up with. Like, try to outsmart those who have already succeeded at the thing I’m trying to do!

In other words, some part of me believes there’s a magic pill to do this thing, that for some reason, the experts are wrong and I will do it better.

But in all my years of trying this method, in a variety of areas, it has never worked- and I end up succeeding with the help of others who are more experienced, or, I quit.

And nobody likes a quitter!

So as you’re trying to get better at swimming, and improve your triathlon, keep this in mind.

Just be aware of your ego. No need to get angry at it (or angry at yourself). Awareness is curative here. When you can accept that ego trying to get in the way, you will make huge strides forward.

(and BTW, not to be sexist, but men have a much harder time with this than women, in my experience)

No matter which way you attempt to make improvements in life, in your swim, you will be dealing with ego.

The key here is to accept, accept, accept.

Whether you are copying other faster swimmers at your pool, or following swimming videos on YouTube, or following the Tri Swim Success program, you will be challenging your view of yourself at a deep level.

The sooner you can let go of your idea of a magic pill to solve your problems, the better off you will be.

Drop the pill. Befriend yourself. Befriend the water!

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Until next time!