The magic pill for your swim success

Posted Kevin Koskella Articles

There are so many areas that swimmers struggle with, that it can sometimes seem like there must be some way to pull all this together into one easy lesson to fix everything for good!

Sadly, there is no magic pill in swimming.

There’s no magic bullet either, or (sorry kids!) magic of any kind!

It’s all connected.

For example:

  • You may be struggling with sinking hips. But working on your breathing will actually fix this!
  • You may be swimming too flat in the water. Hip rotation is important here, but getting a higher elbow pull will bring things together!
  • Breathing in swimming is incredibly important (and we’ll have more on this next week!), but still not everything.
  • Strength training (especially with the Vasa trainer) can definitely help, but it can’t rescue poor stroke technique.

And you can even have everything dialed in with your stroke technique, but lose it in the open water (like I once did as a collegiate all-American!)

Swimming better means putting the pieces together. In order.

Starting with the most important things- balance, breathing, pulling, and rotation.But trying to find a magic pill is going to cost you time, as well as speed & endurance in the water.

Classic “magic pills” that I’ve heard about and seen:

  • Swimming with a buoy
  • Just swimming in the open water
  • Lifting weights
  • Wearing fins to go faster in swim practice
  • Skipping drills
  • Skipping warm ups/downs
  • Replacing a swim workout with a run (hey, it’s still cardio!)

Freestyle must be approached in a holistic manner, meaning, things must all work together for you to have success!

Wondering where to start? Well, hop in the water, today.

Then do some kicking on your side. Kicking on your side is a perfect way to practice balance in the water, no matter if you are just beginning, or trying to get faster for your next race.

Accept the fact that the magic pill doesn’t (yet!) exist for better swimming, take it one day, and one stroke at a time, and the results you’re looking for will come!

Befriend that water!