The Low Carb Triathlete: Jonas Colting

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Today, I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Swedish pro triathlete Jonas Colting on the Livin la vida Low Carb show with Jimmy Moore.

Jonas is a 36 year old champion triathlete in his prime, eating a low carbohydrate diet and clearly thriving. This supports much of what I discuss on the Healthy Mind Fit Body podcast about the superiority of low carb diets to the traditional low fat diet, for overall health and for training- even for long distance triathlons.

Jonas points out the fallacy of listening to what government agencies and mainstream outlets tell people about nutrition. Although this seems to be an inflammatory topic in the triathlon and running worlds, as so many people love their carbs, the facts overwhelmingly point to cutting down on carbohydrates and adding healthy fats and protein to one’s diet being a good thing to do to maximize one’s health.

I like that Jonas pointed out that he has not only been able to extend his career in triathlon, but also rarely gets sick, because he is not flooding his body with insulin-spiking carbs.

This is not saying that we should cut out carbs from our diet. In fact, he also said his motto is “train low, race high”. In other words, eat low on carbohydrates while training, but add in carbs before and during races.