The Secret of Swimming – Issue #84

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The Secret of Swimming Newsletter

Dear Friend,

I recently ordered a seminar program by the teachers in the movie “The Secret”. I was so inspired by that movie that I wanted to bring more of that kind of thing into my life, and have even become an affiliate for this “SGR Seminar”.

What is it about?

It’s about the Law of Attraction- getting what you want by changing your thoughts. It’s simple! But this seminar teaches you how to turn the Law of Attraction into an exact science and build your ultimate life.

What does this have to do with triathlon….or swimming?


Some of us do triathlon for the competition.

Others like the camaraderie.

And still others are in it to lose weight and look our best.

No matter what your triathlon or swimming goals are, the Law of Attraction plays a huge role in getting you there.

Losing weight, making more money, attracting a mate, or “laughing at the water”- whatever it is you are after will be decided by your own thoughts.

Start by signing up for the 7 free lessons from the teachers of “The Secret” and apply these concepts to anything you are currently working to achieve. You will be amazed!


“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”
-Bob Proctor

Swim Your Best

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Workout of the Month: Build it!

Warm Up: 300 moderate pace

Drill: 6×50’s Fingertip Drag Drill
4×25’s Count Strokes per 25
100 Distance Per Stroke

Main: 4×150’s: 50 Fists/100 Build @ :20 rest
4×75’s: build speed AND decrease stroke count within each 75.

Warm Down: 200, breathe every 3 strokes

TOTAL: 1900