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Welcome to the triswimcoach podcast! This is Kevin and this is episode number 33. It has been a long time. I’ve had a few e-mails come in and I appreciate those asking me what happened to the podcast. There was a hiatus there for a little bit. A few things happened. First, I was moving from Austin to San Diego and I had this to sub-lease my apartment in Austin which took up a lot of time. And then Christmas rolled around. Did a lot of travelling there and then I moved back to San Diego on December 30th. And then stayed at a friend’s place for a couple of weeks and just trying to get set-up and established. I finally got a new apartment and moved in last week.

So, I’m still in boxes and have almost no furniture but I wanted to finally get this long awaited podcast out which is going to be more about what’s coming. But I do have a few things to talk about. We had a swim clinic last weekend, last Saturday. It was a really great clinic with Sheila Tormina. We had a lot of people- we had about 20 people come to the clinic. We worked on their stroke rate, stroke length and then of course, their pull.

There was really a lot of really interesting things that came up there. We also did some dry land training which helps cement that high elbow pull. So, that was something that I thought was a big step forward in triathlon swimming since most people are still teaching the long gliding strokes, decreasing resistance in the water, which is good. It helps but this is really how to take it to the next level and really improve your swim times not just your overall triathlon or not just get out of the water with a lot of energy left over but also to go quite a bit faster in the water. And this high elbow catch is something that all the Olympian freestylers and especially the top Olympians, they’re all doing this. So, clearly there’s something there to it and it’s not just rotating your head. It’s not just head position. It’s a lot to do with the pull as well. That’s something that I’m really excited about. I’m incorporating it into everything that I teach now as well. And it really just comes down to practice because I’ve been practicing this when I’m swimming and it’s something that you can get in your brain but when you start practicing it, it’s easy to slip and stop doing it but once you get the habit of doing it, then it becomes more automatic and you’ll see some great results. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the results of the people that are learning it with our clinics, with Sheila and myself teaching it and also with my clients and people that are signing up for the triswim’s secret course. So that’s coming up.

By the way, it was great to work with Sheila Tormina. She’s an awesome speaker, an awesome coach, and someone I really had a great time working with. And I would also recommend, we were at the clinic we, we sold some of our books. I would recommend picking out her book! It’s a great read. It’s got a lot of pictures and I think I mentioned this before but you can just go to her website. Its and you can order the book there. It’s called “Call the Suit”.

Anyone that isn’t able to get to one of the clinics, the book is the next best thing and you can see what’s going on and I recommend it for I could say anyone but specifically someone that’s done maybe a few races and not seen the results it terms of your actual swim times that you’re looking for. Like I said, we’ve trained a lot of people that have been able to smash their triathlon times but the swim times are just stuck at this point. And this is the thing that will get you over the edge. Again, go ahead and pick up her book at and you’ll be happy to have read it. I’m releasing this podcast on Monday, the 17th. That’s actually the day we’re opening up triswim secrets for everyone. So, if you go to, you can sign up for the course. We actually changed it around a bit. This time around it’s going to be a four-month course. All the same information, all the same great quality videos and content that we had in the 8-month course but we’re condensing it into 4 months because that was something that people requested. The last time around, they wanted to get to some of the full-stroke swimming and things like that a little bit faster. We’re going with the 4 modules in 4 months. If you go to (A-C-C-E-S-S), that’s
We’re actually giving away a mini-course called 5 steps to a better freestyle and every other day you’ll get an e-mail and that’s going to have the drills that you’re doing for that workout and then it has a workout with it and all the highlights that you need. It’s a really good little mini-course. If you don’t have the money to spend on the triswimsecrets, the full 4-month course, go ahead and sign up on the mini-course and start getting those e-mails because that will really pay off as well. You don’t have to sign up for the full 4 months but it would be awesome if we can get a lot of people in there. This time around it’s going to be exciting and fun and we’re going to see a lot of people setting new PRs and again having a lot of out there. So, that’s really all I have for this podcast.

I am working on setting up a couple of podcasts here coming up. There are a couple of interviews here coming up with a couple of really good coaches. One is a triathlon and swim coach and the other one is a triathlon coach and also a running coach. So I think we’re really going to get some really good perspectives on what going on with training, with swimming and the latest and greatest as it comes there. I’m also going to be working on a few other interviews down the road but hopefully get those two out to you soon and again, if you have any questions or requests or comments, I’d love to get your e-mails especially with the swimming-related questions because I think when I can go over those that helps everybody that’s listening. So, just shoot them in, shoot me an e-mail, its This week is going to be kind of nuts so I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can but in a way, if you have any question, I’ll read it on podcast and let me know what you think.

So, that about wraps up today’s short podcast. I hope your training is going well. Again, check out the if you want to sign up. We’re opening that up. You can check out everything that’s in there and we’ll get you in there and you’ll have a one-on-one time with me. You can get in and chat with the other members and start watching the videos right away. Anyway, that should do it for today! Have a great week of training and we’ll talk to you soon!