The greatest thing about triathlon is

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Here at Tri Swim Coach, we talk a lot about your WHY. Why are you training? Why do you want to compete in triathlon? Why do you want to get to that finish line?

Usually the answer to these questions goes deeper than you may think at first.

What I think the greatest thing about triathlon is, is the fact that this is just you vs the clock.

No one else can grade you. No one else can change your results (unless they punch you in the face on the swim!)

The ball can’t bounce the wrong way, and the referees can’t make a bad call and ruin your day (although, I once got a 10 minute penalty for taking my chin strap off too early on my bike before dismounting!)

Triathlon isn’t about relying on everyone else to “do their job”, or even about your so-called competitors.

The point is, this sport comes down to how much time and effort you put into it. It’s very simple, and the clock will often tell your story.

This is why the WHY is so important in racing.

What is it that is so compelling to you that you must accomplish your goals, one way or another?

What story are you telling yourself on a daily basis? What is your mission or purpose for racing?

This may sound a bit esoteric or “woo-woo” but it is at the core of getting you out of bed in the morning, or in the pool for your next workout.

This can be a chore, a grind, a job, or it can be a flow- where you befriend the water and actually look forward to each workout, whether you are “just doing drills”, focused on distance, focused on intervals, sprints, or just getting wet that day.

Keep in mind that it’s easier- much easier, to do the work that it takes to succeed, when you have this greater purpose behind what you’re doing. You will likely have an easier time going 100% into your training than to half-ass things, once you know exaclty why you want what you want.

Our Tri Swim Success program takes the guesswork out of your daily workouts. It puts you on a path of knowing just what to do each time you train. We give you the tools you will need to succeed in your next race.

It’s up to you to find your reason or reasons for success, as it is you and no one else that can make or break you as an athlete in this sport.

Have a great weekend, and keep befriending the water!