The Best Swim Stroke Technique- Triathlon

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Hi, it’s Kevin at Triswimcoach and another video in a continuing series on Break Your Bad Habit in Swimming. We’ve got a swimmer here that has some of the same issues as the last one.

The first issue is that his elbow is dropping on the left side particularly when he goes to take a breath. He leans over, takes a breath and the arm drops.

The second thing is his hips are a little to low in the water if you notice. He is going to have to kick a little harder just to keep hips up to the surface there and that is going to cause a lot of energy depletion.

We have an underneath shot and he has really good rotation here so you can check that out from underneath and that is something to emulate there. Here is another shot in slow motion. He is doing everything right here. Arm is coming a little bit across the body there or a little bit across the center line but overall good rotation and overall good follow through on the pull.

Now we have a straight on shot and here he is. His arm is coming a little across the body there at the end on the right side. It’s coming in a little to close to into the middle there and that can cause some cross over issues and some inefficiencies in the stroke.

Here is kind of a look at how it should look. If you notice on this one my arms are going straight into the water and straight forward and I roll to take a breath and the arms stay straight until my head starts coming back down. Hips are up at the surface and I have a nice light, easy kick.

Here is the straight on version. My arms if you notice are pretty much pulling straight back with a bent elbow, so there’s no cross over there like you saw in the last video.

That’s it. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next in the series. You can just click on the subscribe button up on top. If you want more information on how to get a more efficient and faster stroke in freestyle for triathlon, go ahead and click on the website and we’ll talk to you soon.