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Would you like to be able to show up to your triathlon race with great confidence, swim with ease, not get left behind on this crucial part of the triathlon?

Would you like to swim faster, have a fluid, smooth freestyle, and actually enjoy your triathlon swim without feeling exhausted getting out of the water?

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We know what it’s like to learn how to swim- you make a little progress, you start to feel like you know what you’re doing- but things just don’t seem to come together like they should!

We know it’s impossible to get better just by swimming more laps.

Or even if you’ve been practicing swimming for a while, you don’t want to keep struggling with the same old things that hold you back!

Most of the swim training information out there just teaches the same stuff, and doesn’t take into account the many nuances and easier ways there are to do things when it comes to learning the stroke.

Hard work & time are not enough to conquer freestyle.

Since 2003, we have trained over 2000 triathletes on how to master freestyle for triathlon- allowing them to have more energy for their bike and run, and a faster, easier swim leg.

Inside this complete guide, top triathlon swim coach Kevin Koskella shows you how to automatically accomplish more by employing the proper methods and techniques. The book dispels the myths about swimming that may be holding you hostage. You’ll swim with much more ease and retain the energy needed for the other two legs of the race. Believe it or not… it can even make swimming your favorite part of the race!

You’ll find out that even if you don’t know how to swim, there is hope. You will also find out that most triathletes are way overdoing it when it comes to their swim training…and how you can actually do better with less effort.

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You will also get 4 training plans specifically designed for a triathlon swim to maximize your swimming technique, speed and endurance, so you know exactly what to do when you get to the pool.

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*Discounted copies remaining 500   423

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